Some cool feats of 2008 worth seeing in '09


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


There is a column in today's (Sunday) Vindicator that is the parent piece to this blog entry.

The column talks about some top feats of 2008 I'd like to see again. But I ran out of space, so I continued here.

In addition to me continuing here, I'm asking for you to chime in -- picking up where I leave off. Suggest your own top achievers of 2008 you wouldn't mind seeing duplicated in 2009.

So here are more folks in addition to those I mentioned in print:

It's tough to gauge Scott Ruark's real work -- his job at Astro Shapes in Struthers or his work with youth baseball out behind the Astro facility at Cene Park in Struthers. But when The Vindy teamed up with the United Way last summer to create a Kelly Pavlik charity softball event, Scott's job became to make it happen at Cene.

The guy was cool as can be in making a new event happen.

Building from the Pavlik stuff, I think there's a lot to get excited about with Team Pavlik's John D'Altorio, Jack Loew and Joe Schiavoni.

I blogged several weeks ago about Joe and his launch into politics. He's the right guy at the right time, and will do well to complement Tim Ryan and Jay Williams as new, young leaders.

Jack's heightened popularity meant he could have gone anywhere with his new gym. Any city or town in the valley would have loved to have landed his expanded gym with boxers from around the country coming in. But Jack wanted to keep it where it started -- in Youngstown.

And John Deltorio epitomizes the Team Pavlik style as they figure out this new stardom. Deltorio is a handler of sorts for most of Kelly's community activities. If Kelly's appearing somewhere, it likely went through John's hands.

There was no guide for Kelly entitled "You're now a millionaire, here's what to do next." This new lifestyle is learn on the fly. And it's just as challenging for those closest to him. They're all learning on the fly.

And John's at the heart of that process. I think he does a great job ensuring Kelly and Team Pavlik give back to the community. But he does a better job ensuring Kelly gets a chance to just be Kelly. Again -- no manual. Just a gut feeling and a conscience.

I'm hopeful that some person, family or group that is in need bumps into Vindy reporter Denise Dick. Her work in 2008 to help cause the release of Boardman High grad Chip Gilea stands out as one of the great newspaper moments I've been able to see.

Do you have some top feats of 2008 worth sharing?

Be sincere please; don't be a goof. No goofs allowed on this post.












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