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Vindy's renewed efforts draw some fans

I know this is another sports topic, but I had to share the love now as this sport's season is coming to a close.

How hot was the Chevy Centre Saturday? One guy takes a swing at it

This email came in Monday afternoon.I asked the writer for a little more background, but I haven't heard back.I'll share it anyway. Perhaps some others wish to jump in on the physics. Applying environmental physics to the Kelly Pavlik fight at the Chevy CentreBy Don Moler Girard, Ohio The human ...

See the real mission in our Pavlik coverage

It's not just about sports

Join Saturday's Pavlik escort to the Chevy

Police, fire and Phantoms team up for welcome; you can join in

The good word gets out

I’ve talked enough about the need for Youngstown’s good stories to get out.NPR business editor Marilyn Geewax, a Campbell native, was in town last week for a seminar on our bad news/good news dilemma.And look what the result is ... (or listen to the result, I guess)Click here for: Upside/Downside: ...

The octuplets are not part of the stimulus package, but ...

The whole stimulus thing resembles more of a gold rush fever than any Hollywood movie I ever saw.

Join a talk tonight about the Valley’s national image

When the fall presidential campaigns needed a poster child for the besieged American economy, they came to Youngstown.

To all those who want pro hockey at Chevy Centre

There are some city leaders eager to see the term “professional” applied to any sporting effort brought to the Chevy, including hockey. They want a minor league team here.