I braved the mall -- and survived


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


I hit the Southern Park Mall Wednesday, and I made it for two hours before having to claim "no mas."

 Alas, I'm headed back Christmas Eve, too. 

Some things I noticed about the mall:

-- I am no longer knowledgeable about the place. I used to be, but that's not the case anymore. Going to a mall for two hours every two or three years will do that. I'm glad for Gap and Aeropostale, as well as anchor stories like JC Penney, Macy's, Dillards ands Sears. I know those. After that, I'm not sure what some of those stores are, or who they're for. I stay only to the stores I know for fear of walking into Posh and finding out it's a store for teen-age girls.

-- There are strange happenings at the mall this time of year. It's nothing threatening. Walkways are blocked. Personal space is violated. The culprit: Middle-aged men, who, like me, venture into the mall once per year. Be kind to us. We mean no harm.

-- I shopped downtown Wednesday, too. Keep downtown in mind.

-- While it's cool having FedEx and UPS deliver gifts at my door over the last several days, as a buyer, I still like touching and holding the things I'll eventually purchase. 

-- The kids are set for Santa tonight. The youngest wished on Wednesday that he could live in China. Santa apparently goes there first.

And to all, a good holidays ...




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