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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


It seems once or twice a year, there’s a week that pops onto the calendar that has many major events.
This week is that such week.  
Each event may not necessarily pop up onto everyone’s radar, but they all pop onto ours. Thus I christen it ”The Biggest Week of the Year (for now).”
I think our last “Biggest Week of the Year (for now)” was the week of Kelly Pavlik’s fight in February. There were 4 or 5 big things going on then.
This week is the latest.
Today, we’re crunching through school report card numbers for the entire valley. That we “officially” have the worst the worst district in the state is not making the beefy reporting process any simpler.
Also on our plate is:
-- The Canfield Fair — coverage starts Sunday.
-- Schools are back in session, as is YSU — with huge enrollment totals, by the way.
-- The start of high school football is Friday.
-- Our Blitz tailgate parties that are part of high school football also start Friday. Watch for us at the Boardman-Mooney game.
-- Jim Traficant is being released next week.
-- Ultimate fighting is coming to the Covelli Centre next Wednesday.

Oops ... Scratch that last one. An injury has called off what was set to be a great event at the Covelli. There’s hope and optimism that it’ll get rescheduled there later on.

So while that’s one event that falls off the list, others seem to fill in the gaps.

-- Will Girard and Youngstown agree on the V&M deal?
-- A horrible arrest takes place in Brookfield involving a man who allegedly beat an 8-year-old with a bat.
-- Anthony Gutierrez’s trial in the Marc Dann case.

It’s “The Biggest Week of the Year (for now).”

PS: I forgot to add that "All-World Newspaper Guy" Bertram DeSouza is on vacation. I'm not sure why I add that -- but I do.

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