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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


OK, I'm back from vacation and plowing through some things at home and at work.

While I was out, a Sunday column featured my passion for Jarts and family reunions.

That column brought out some unique responses. Check them out:

Dear Todd,
Your article reminds me of the time one of my daughters threw a jart up and into her sister's head!  It was a fun game, however that was the last time Jarts were invited to our family gathering.
If you are serious about relieving me of this dangerous illegal contraband, you may e-me ... and I would gladly accept a finder's fee.
Thank you,
McDonald, OH


I'm not one to write letters for all the world to read. I suppose because I think your readership either already knows what I have to say or else they’re too ignorant to understand.
Being of an era when you didn't need someone to tell you that something was a potentially dangerous object/substance, I wanted to tell you about my experience with Jarts. Many years ago  I was chosen for a jury. If my facts are a little off, understand that I'm 72 years old and my memory may not be spot on. A little girl had been hit in the elbow with a Jart that had been thrown by an uncle at a family gathering when she was about 6. Unfortunately, at that moment, she wandered into the line of fire. She now had reached the age where it's “sue now or forget it.”
So she and her mother (?) were suing the manufacturer, the store that sold it and everyone else involved in it making it to the public sector.
When we went to lunch, I had made up my mind that the fault did not lie in the manufacturer not telling them that this was a dangerous object; the fault lay with the family who was too stupid to realize that and did not keep small children corralled while the adults played with this potentially 'lethal' weapon. I would not have given them a dime. However, in our “sue happy” society, it is cheaper for the litigants to settle out of court than risk the stupidity of a jury and thus I never got a chance to discuss it with my fellow jurors.


Not having had the pleasure of meeting you, but after reading this article, I feel like we are old friends.  I read your weekly column and find them to relate to our every day life experiences and very interesting.
My father passed away in 1982.  Prior to that time, we played Jarts at most family gatherings.  Dad remains the reigning family champion!  My brother, Phil, and I occasionally play to determine a new family champ, however, we find that we couldn't carry our father's Jart!
Phil, who now lives in Tennessee, has possession of the family Jart set.  When I hear the term, Jarts, it brings back fond memories of wonderful family gatherings.
Thanks for reminding us of what's important, family!


We also had Jarts at our house growing up.  As I was reading your article, I was looking for the scar on my arm where one of my cousins missed the ground and it landed in my arm.  It must not have hurt very bad, I only got a butterfly Band-aid.  
There may have even been peroxide poured on it.  There wasn't an emergency room visit, stitches or even a tetanus shot.  Forty or more years ago, we didn't do things like that.  
I was probably told to eat something and all would be well.  
Keep writing your family-oriented articles. We love them at our house. Thanks.


I organize a Winter Olympics competition each Christmas season when my brother and sister and their families are in town.
This past year, my niece's husband wasn't able to make it, but they were coming back in the summer. So we had a Summer Olympics as well. It was a team competition.
One of the events was Jarts.


I read your article in the Vindicator. What kind of a “finders fee” are you offering. I have Jarts which I was going to sell online in parts since it is legal to sell as parts. I have 3 red fins, 3 blue fins, 4 metal shafts, and 2 white hoops there is a yellow one but I don’t know if it went to the set. I also have the original box they came in too. If you are interested please let me know.


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