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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


 This economy upheaval is just dizzying.

But as dizzying as it is, it will likely be the most important story of the last seven years -- likely even to surpass the presidential election. The problems that caused this and the ramifications to come will certainly be historical fodder for decades to come.

With that, The Vindicator can use your help.

Readers are our eyes and ears as to what’s going on in the valley related to this economic turmoil.

Please email me any incidents you encounter where the U.S. economic challenges are affecting lives and activities in the valley -- credit issues, bank policies, borrowing, pawn shops, etc.

I can be reached at Or call our newsroom at 747-5500.

Your help with making the Vindy a useful tool during this dynamic time is appreciated.

I found this great article today that really helps break down how we got into this mess. It was as down-to-earth explaining as I've come acorss. 

Here is the story.


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