The last night for The Undecideds


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


High school sports history surrounds us, and the chef's loud barks still echo from around the corner.

It is still the Youngstown Sports Grille, and it is still a regular Monday night meeting of "The Undecideds," a Vindicator project with five readers, each of them unsure whom to vote for as president ofthe U.S. We've followed them through the month of October as they sift through the political messages and try to arrive at a choice for their president.

But this week is different than our previous three meetings.

For one, we are down one reader from our original five. In announcing that Greg Mook, our 21-year-old friend from YSU has become decided, the other four had mixed reactions -- happy and sad.

The other reality was this was our last chat before the election. In fact, the group is still chatting 20 minutes after the camera stopped rolling.

This has been a fun project, and we hope it was enjoyed by you all.

And we're glad our five friends survived the month without too many uncomfortable situations given their public statements regarding a sometimes hostile topic. 

The react from The Undecideds to the project has been pleasant. 

Watch for their story on Friday from this final Monday session.

But The Undecideds are not off the hook.

We will come back to them after the election for one last visit. Maybe they'll tell us how they voted. Then again -- maybe they won't.

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