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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


If you check out Friday's edition of The Vindicator, you'll be greeted by five people we hope you see a lot of in October.

The Undecideds.

This is indeed a special election. What the last two presidential elections have shown is that the election will not be decided by the masses.

The election will be decided by the few — namely the independents and the undecideds.

Awhile back, a New York Times poll put Ohio as one of the key up-for-grab states. And in being up for grabs, the poll identified the race as an even split among 87 percent of the state — leaving just 13 percent of Ohioans as the ones who will decide which way Ohio goes.

Pretty cool breakdown.

Among those 13 percent are our 5 Undecideds: Brandi Williams, Mary Lou Hoon, Larry Tropepe, Bill Sutherin and Greg Mook.

With this project, we hope to provide the community a special experience in the final weeks of this historic election.

Through the “Undecided” project, we are turning to these 5 people to allow readers inside their heads and hearts as they make their way to the November election.

We met this week at Youngstown Sports Grille, and the first session exceeded expectations.

When you hear them talk about the life experiences they will bring to this vote, they are more than just the 13 percent of Ohioans — they are Ohioans.

Larry just lost his banking job.

Mary Lou's brother died a few years back, in part, she says, because he had to choose between putting food on the table or buying medication.

Brandi would like a second job to make ends meet.

And that was just Week 1.

In the coming weeks, we will explore more these issues and more.

In addition to the stories, we will feature online some video highlights from the sessions, as well as a blog the five will generate.

The concept has even earned the interest of British and Australian broadcasters, who will join us in the coming weeks.

Welcome to The Undecideds ...





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