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Some history behind 'Bar Stool Economics' email now attached to Obama

Lots of emails come into our boxes that have nothing to do with work.Yesterday, I got the Harley rider video where the guy crushes his Harley by doing dumb parking lot tricks.There are thousands of bogus solicits and tales. One I liked was the divorced lady who stuck seafood in ...

The last night for The Undecideds

High school sports history surrounds us, and the chef's loud barks still echo from around the corner.It is still the Youngstown Sports Grille, and it is still a regular Monday night meeting of "The Undecideds," a Vindicator project with five readers, each of them unsure whom to vote for as ...

Wean Foundation's impact startling — just leave the pasta alone

I’ve seen few groups in my career arrive in a community with much promise, and then exceed that promise as has the Ray John Wean Foundation.

Sun still rises for valley and Pavlik

There's no less a reason today than there was yesterday to enjoy Pavlik and his prolific career, and the anticipation of what's next.

ESPN eschews cliches and does Yo justly in Pavlik piece

They roll through town for various reasons.It may be job losses.It may be Kelly Pavlik.It may be crime.It could be NAFTA.It could be angry white male voters who might not vote for a black guy.Whatever the reason, national media finds Youngstown fairly regularly. These days, they’re almost daily visitors: CNN, ...

Aussie, Brit media know what Obama camp doesn’t

The reason you should care is if the Obama-Biden team will be this blatant, arrogant, reckless or whatever you wish to call them over a simple thing like media access, how else will they act if given the keys to the White House?

Now playing in The Vindicator: "The Undecideds"

We met this week at Youngstown Sports Grille, and the first session exceeded expectations.

Austintown, you have a friend in Michigan

Keenan and his pals were feeling pretty vulnerable, and the good nature of locals in Austintown gave them all the reason in the world to feel less vulnerable.