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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


Newspapers across the country found the Wednesday, Nov. 5 editions in high demand with Barack Obama winning the presidency.

The Vindicator was in the same boat.

We will have final numbers in a few days, but the edition was popular — essentially a sellout.

First off, we made Wednesday a “bonus day” for Sunday-only subscribers, giving all of them a Wednesday edition. That put out about 18,000 extra Vindicators in the community Wednesday.

For the stores and streetside newsracks, we printed 2,500 extra copies on top of the 14,500 that go out on a normal day. Those papers were selling strong all day, not just during the normal morning rush.

Of those store copies that did not sell, we made them available as a special purchase program — four copies for $1. As of this afternoon, 250 orders have been placed.

If you’re interested in buying a piece of that history, we still are taking orders. Call us at 330-746-6561.

Which thus turns my attention to “ra” on Ebay.

a” is ready to pay $3.29 for a Nov. 5 Vindicator. The auction for that edition ends Wednesday night.

Please, “r**a,” save your money to help with the rest of the economic pressures you will face in the coming weeks. You can buy the paper from us for $1— and get 3 extra copies to boot.

Nov. 5 was a special paper, and we aim to do the same with Jan. 20 and 21— the days of and after the inauguration.

If you plan to attend the inauguration, please email me. We’d like to include you in our coverage.

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