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The Vindicator adds to the happiness of the holidays

The holidays are more fulfilling with some great stories to read

A reporter cared, and a Boardman man comes home

The feds may have had grounds — technically. But they were lacking the soul that one needs to do the right thing in life. There are lots of bad people who get into the U.S. and need to be deported immediately. That was not Chip.

New report dissects Ohio, race and the Obama vote

Michigan working class voters were among key Midwest voters (also Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) who provided firewall protection for Obama vs. McCain. Ohio working class folks were not as inclined.

So, how was your ride to work? Here are some tales from this morning. Share yours

"I left earlier than usual. But apparently everyone else did too."

Vindy's holiday solider effort begins with harsh reality

We're excited about a new program at The Vindicator that delivers holiday cheer to our troops.Operation Holiday Cheer launched Sunday with more than 60 military personnel listed. It’s a new effort by us to offer addresses of our military service personnel as well as offer gift tips to help readers ...

Who will we be celebrating in ‘09: GM? Cafaro? Zoldan?

Three dynamic events are in the newspaper that are evolving before us and stand, in some ways, to define careers, and in many, many ways, to define the Valley. And each has its own unique makeup that makes for unique reality TV on our very news pages.

Buy a piece of history from us — not from ebay

We will have final numbers in a few days for our Nov. 5 edition, but the edition was popular — essentially a sellout.

What GM giveth, GM taketh away; watch all day

It was a great summer, if you recall.Kelly Pavlik made a successful title defense, and there was nothing but good news coming out of Lordstown:A new car. A new shift. A 30-year deal.The cold winds have arrived, and it will be a hard day today for the valley as GM ...

Help Valley military personnel enjoy the holidays

We'd like your help in trying to spread some holiday cheer to Valley natives serving in the current military conflicts.Operation Holiday Cheer aims to publish photos and addresses of military personnel, and then encourage local people or groups to create cards and packages to send to them.But we need your ...

America crossed a line; Vindy behind-the-scenes video

There have been several news events that stick with a person when they're part of it.Tuesday's election will be one for me, as I'm sure for many others.It's not so much that Obama is "my guy." He is, to a degree. I think he's got the character and the mettle, ...

The Vindy's Election Day plans

Election Morning. It feels almost like Christmas morning -- if you're a newsie.The Vindicator is set to go for the big day.Use to keep abreast of all the news bits sifting in throughout the day.As the polls close tonight, watch for us on to start filtering through some ...

VIDEO | How old is too old to trick or treat? Let Nick and Ariel explain

These are two old trick-or-treaters