Here is what Democrats fear most with Dann in office


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


The below press release came in Tuesday.

More than fraud in office and more than abuse of taxpayer trust, the press release shows what Democrats fear most about Marc Dann staying in office: 

(Read, and I'll come back at the end) 

Steve Driehaus Should Return Money Tainted By Dann

COLUMBUS - Democrat candidate Rep. Steve Driehaus says Attorney General Marc Dann is wrong to stay in office, but he seems to have no problem pocketing the money Dann raised for him as the headliner for a fundraising event back in December:

"Steve Driehaus can't have it both ways. Marc Dann's mismanagement and cronyism proved him unfit for office. If Driehaus truly believes Dann should go, he would reject Dann's financial support and return the tainted funds.  Condemning Marc Dann while lining your campaign coffers with money he raised is just pure hypocrisy," said Ohio Republican Party Spokesman John McClelland.

On December 3rd, 2007, Marc Dann headlined a fundraiser for Steve Driehaus at The Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, OH.  The money raised from this event is tainted by Dann's involvement, and it should be returned.

Every Democrat candidate who's running for office, and especially those who've rubbed elbows with Dann, will have his name hung around their candidacy for as many elections as his name still raises eyebrows.

That is where the Dems' pursuit of Dann hits a bump.

He was idiotic. He clearly was negligent in his management. But as a state legislator said the other day, "Is stupidity impeachable?"

To drive impeachment, the Democrats will sell the public that Dann's actions were nearly crimes against humanity. The reality is his deeds come closer to being crimes against re-election. 

Driehaus is running for Congress this fall. He's currently a state legislator in the Cincinnati area.

It's completely silly to think that money Driehaus earned six months ago when Dann spoke at a fund-raiser is "tainted" money. Driehaus is no more tainted by Dann's visit than the caterer who fed the dinner and the band that played tunes at the event. I'd hate to think the caterer and the band should fork over their profits from that event because of what's now known about Dann.

Heck, it's also debatable if the crowd showed up for Dann, for the food or for the band. Anyone know what they were serving?

Even sillier about the release: the Republicans say Driehaus should "return the money." How? Should he place ads in the paper saying "If you attended my dinner Dec. 7 and paid $40 to get in, stop by my house to get your money back."

Most of us would see the Republicans' press release as silly. But not all of us. That's who the Republicans will target, and the Democrats will suffer.

So do you impeach an attorney general for that? 

Think what you want on Dann. Thinking badly would be justified.

But be careful in buying into what you hear about Dann from the governor and other state leaders. 



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