Dann's long day ends at The Vindy


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


The lede of our A1 story Friday called this a day Marc Dann might like to forget.

It's the understatement of the year.

I watched the sexual harassment report press conference as Executive Assistant Attorney General Ben Espy outlined the findings. I watched Dann at his press conference.

And I watched Dann at The Vindicator, sitting across from six of us for more than an hour. It was a painful session — painful to witness.

I wouldn't wish this day on anybody. I don't think Dann would, either.

But it's a day he brought on himself. Unfortunately, after hearing him, I don't think he's done bringing more pressure and scrutiny on himself.

As a father and husband, he's horrified at what's he's done and ready to fix it. He was emotional in many ways; protective in other ways. Fixing it is his personal job.

As an elected official and civic leader, he admits some naivete about running the operation and putting too much faith in troubled souls. He acted embarrassed and befuddled. Fixing it is his public job.

I don't know if he can pull off this job.

He had all the warnings and histories before he brought these guys on, and he had incremental jolts of reality after he hired them. And he did nothing, which is exactly what he accused Betty Montgomery of doing when the Republicans screwed things up during his astonishing rise to the powerful post of attorney general.

Now we're at this point and we can expect lawsuits, many investigations and wasted public dollars that could total in the millions by the time this is all done.

It is just an amazing crash to watch.

Watch us Saturday for plenty of coverage. Keep watch Sunday as the paper that wrote passionately to propel him into office weighs in on whether he should stay in office.

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