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I'll spend $525 more this summer on gas - and more at Goodwill

My mom, "The Queen of Goodwill," says the Boardman GW is the best she's seen.

Click here to see my 'Full Monty'

Unlike any other play I've seen, this ending was the first time I'd seen an audience (maybe 100 of us) literally getting louder as the play grew to a close.

A newspaper should be about "me"

From a Boardman family comes this: Thank you for creating this special family memory of a wonderful day, and keep up the great community involvement - we really appreciate it.

Here is what Democrats fear most with Dann in office

Think what you want on Dann. Thinking badly would be justified. But be careful in buying into what you hear about Dann from the governor and other state leaders.

UPDATED Tuesday, 9:30 p.m.: “Second chance” does not mean Dann’s a favored Vindy guy

America is a forgiving culture. We also have this tremendous thirst for piling on. A tremendous thirst. Too often, our forgiving stage comes well after a period of penance. Maybe that’s right. Maybe that’s wrong.

How a newspaper sprung the Dann fiasco & what Ohio newspapers say today

Dann told The Vindy Friday night that the accusers' initial complaint was leaked to the Dispatch office in downtown Columbus about an hour after it was filed -- lightning quick in the world of public records access. If that's accurate, it's testament as to how far down Dann's leadership team had sunk in value and respect within his own office. AG staff wanted this to get out.

Dann's long day ends at The Vindy

The lede of our A1 story Friday called this a day Marc Dann might like to forget.It's the understatement of the year.I watched the sexual harassment report press conference as Executive Assistant Attorney General Ben Espy outlined the findings. I watched Dann at his press conference.And I watched Dann at ...

Rulli, Nemenz show optimism, spirit worth emulating

"Don't duck and run."It's one of the rules I have posted on a bulletin board at my desk. It's part of clipping entitled "10 Commandments of Communication." I look at it periodically. I follow it as best I can. I went to it today after reading a cool front page ...