A national holiday (not really) for this music fan


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


A break from news today — to jump into music news.

A rare feat happened today. The Counting Crows released an album. It's not huge news for most of America. But it's big for Crows fans, and I count myself among them. (Save your apologies and slams -- they're not everybody's cup o' tea)

But with approximately the frequency of presidential elections and comet appearances, the Crows release a new album. It's changed from my younger days when new albums came out every 12 or 14 months.

I guess Boston had phenomenal gaps in new music production. But the Crows are out, and it's just in time for a vacation release this week.

Other vacation listens this week will be Todd Snider (guitar with sarcasm), Slaid Cleaves (John Mellencamp meets James Taylor), Jimmy Buffett (Jimmy Buffett) and Richard Shindell (Jimmy, John, Todd, Slaid and Lightfoot).

You Tube 'em if you're into the singer/songwriter genre.





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