Vindy contest in Tuesday's paper saloots 75 years of spelling bees


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


The year, we mark 75 years of The Vindicator Spelling Bee. Think of the many well-intended events dedicated to the youth of our community, and you won't find too many that will ring in at 75 years.

I have one spelling bee under my belt, and it haunts me to this day. I confidently steamed through "imminent" only to learn a second later it was "eminent." Twenty-five years later, I still can't believe I didn't ask for the origin of the word. I'm not quite sure that would have helped me. I'm just impressed when I hear kids ask for definitions on TV. 

This year's spelling bee is Saturday in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center at Youngstown State University.

As part of the buildup for this year's event, there is a special section in Tuesday's Vindy, and it includes a contest for everybody.

To salute the top spellers, we have offered a chance for you to find misspellings in the special section.  

This is risky for us.

We publish the equivalent of a novel every day at The Vindicator. Seriously. Cut it up one day in sizes equal to one of those Danielle Steele novels. Tape all the pages together. You'll have one of those novels. (Depending on the day's headlines, it may be closer to a Steele novel than we ever intended.)

Unfortunately, typos are a daily challenge for us. Regardless of the number of humans and computer operations we put between the computer and the press, mistakes happen.

Tuesday, we intentionally planted misspellings inside the ads in the special section. Here are the words to watch for:

Adjustable, days, pianos, register, Boardman (twice), pizza, locations, today, rebate, lessons, community, anniversary, Canfield, grooming, basement, repairs, coupon, special, teacher and individually.

Thanks, too, to all of the advertisers who took part in the contest: 

Los Gallos, Etude Music, Petland, Giannios Candy, Solich Piano, Baird Brothers, A&P Puppy Parlor, TW Pet Center, Blue Wolf, Goddard School, Oreck, Handyman Supply, Ice Zone, Nemenz IGA, Pet Food Center, Experience Glass Block, Asuka, Brier Hill Pizza, Little Milly’s, Great Expectations and Kraynak’s.       

Have phun. 


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