Busy primary ends with one question: Who's Steven Schuyler?


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


“Hillary did better in the debates last week. She had a better weekend. She will win Ohio today.”

“Don’t believe those polls. They tap into traditional voters. Obama has pulled nontraditional voters to nearly every victory. He will do it here.”

Those are two distinct opinions delivered here Monday — in a city that has found itself a backdrop in a Democratic primary no one saw coming (See the A1 story today).
It’s been amazing to watch this remarkable primary. And it all ends today — for Ohio at least.

Stay tuned. And stay tuned with us at The Vindy and Vindy.com.

Today will continue a 3-week run we’ve been on, delivering the best we could on this crazy primary.

We scrambled over the many campaign events. You kept score.

Hillary’s here. Chelsea’s there. Strickland’s coming. Obama will be here. Michelle’s on her way. Whose Dick Gephardt? (Only kidding). Ted Kennedy, and Caroline, too.

Anyone know what movie Christine Lahti was last in? One of the “Desperate Housewives” is here.

For every coverage opportunity, readers were there to ensure one side did not get more coverage.

People mostly counted photos. Hillary folks swore there were more Barack pictures. One Barack supporter cornered a staffer at church this weekend saying we slighted Obama.

Our challenge of the campaign had to do not with Hillary or Barack, but a with guy named Steven Schuyler. He’s the ex-Delphi worker in the effective anti-NAFTA ad for Obama. If anyone can find him, we’d appreciate hearing from him.

A Delphi retiree called Monday to complain about the Schuyler ad saying the guy did not lose his job as the ad claims. The retiree said Schuyler took the buyout and got a good cash sum to quit his job. I debated semantics with him — that NAFTA put Schuyler into a bad position in which the buyout was his best choice instead of his preferred choice of keeping his job. The caller wasn’t too excited about my semantics.

Our web guy was just beside himself that Obama had a cool drop-down ad on our web site. Obama had them on a bunch of Ohio news web sites. “Brilliant,” he said.

Stay with us today and tonight. NewsWatch on Vindy.com will be the place to watch for news bits all day and into the evening. And of course, The Vindicator on Wednesday will have it all.

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