Canfield Township -- a small government failure


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


The bigger the government and the bigger the purse strings, the easier it is to believe that you're not getting the most out of your government.

Federal agencies like FEMA, state operations like the attorney general's office, city deals like the original Chevrolet Centre contract, etc.

Just when you get comfy that bigger has a greater risk of being badder, along comes an atrocious display of public leadership offered by the Canfield Township Board of Trustees. 

Last week, Paul Moracco, 55, was named to a $60,000 per year job as the township's highway superintendent and project administrator. The job, according to a story this week, puts Moracco in charge of developing the recently acquired 58-acre township park on Herbert Road, which may eventually house a new township hall. Read that story here.

If Moracco's name is familiar to Canfield residents, it's because they've voted for him to be a township trustee whose job it was to manage taxpayer funds. Moracco managed to find himself a job.

He resigned earlier in June on the day the township, coincidentally, agreed to create the new $60,000 a year post. 

We have a Sunday editorial that peels away at the hiring.

Read it here. The piece goes further into the situation by calling the hiring a likely violation of state ethics.

Wherever the hiring falls, it is simply a horrific disservice to taxpayers.

No one can honestly debate even the necessity of the job because of it going to a trustee.

It may be a necessary job. It may not be.

But that potential truth is lost in the reality that it went to an official who helped create the job. 


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