The DeBartolo: Monday dinner turns to Tuesday golf


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


It was another fun night for The Debartolo Monday night. 

Officially, it's the Edward J. DeBartolo Memorial Scholarship Foundation dinner and golf outing.

But when you have a dinner-golf event that's this cool, it's simply "The Debartolo," like The Preakness and The Masters and The Oscars.

Quick notes:

-- Kelly Pavlik's original Ray Simon painting was auctioned for $10K. The champ signed it live on stage.

-- As the champ was signing his picture, 49ers' "Mr. Personality" Manny Lawson whispered over a mic as if reading Kelly's mind: "How do you spell Pavlik?"

-- Lawson was again the comic relief of the evening during the auction. He's a athletic version of Robin Williams -- just give him a mic and let him go. The injured linebacker told about his ACL surgery and how he was given a choice of which person's ACL he could get transplanted. When he learned that one donor had been a cat lover. he opted for that donor ACL.

"She was a cat lover. She had lots of cats to chase. I figured she had to be fast. This is my Allison ACL," he told the crowd.

-- In addition to Pavlik's original artwork, the other high bid item was a trip for two to the Super Bowl. Two of them actually were auctioned off, and they went for north of $20,000 each.

-- Jed York continued his roasting of his dad, Dr. John, which was the theme last year as well. During Monday night's auctioning, some men were getting teased during the high-priced bidding that their wives were really controlling the purse strings. Jeb torted one time: "Just like my family."

-- It's now Tuesday morning at Youngstown Country Club, and the Monday dinner has turned to Tuesday golf. The crowd is a bit slower than last night, but that will warm up in a bit.

-- Eddie Money was in the crowd. He didn't notice my brown suit.

 -- I will be golfing today and will have updates posted online.


Original Monday post: 

I was making a bee line for the bathroom when a guy eyed me up in the hallway.

This was last year at the Holiday Inn in Boardman.

It was at the Edward J. DeBartolo Memorial Scholarship Foundation dinner.

And the guy was Eddie "Two Tickets to Paradise" Money.

He looked at me. Head to toe and back again. And without any introduction or segue, he just announced: "You look good in a brown suit."

(I should note that Eddie was feeling pretty good at the moment. No more details. Just accept my assessment that he was in a fine, happy mood. His voice had a raspy, dragged-over-stones sound)

I thanked him. But as I walked away, I wondered was he really diggin' the brown? Or was he really saying "Hey -- I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that it; but it looks good on you."

A year later, I still wonder.

Tonight is the annual event, and it is a fun time. The DeBartolo team puts in a ton of effort for the event, which is coupled with a golf event Tuesday.

The DeBartolo scholarship fund has awarded more than $400,000 in college grants to area students. Read more about the scholarships in this story from May.

And that effort is aided by the dinner tonight and the golf on Tuesday.

I don't know if Eddie Money will be there again. But I'm wearing another brown outfit anyway.

Eddie is totally fun. He sang to get the dinner crowd going. His table was the loudest during the auction.

Sensing a window to talk given the brown suit intro, we chatted for just a couple minutes. It ended when an attractive blonde woman walked up with a pen and paper in hand, and some sort of an "Excuse me, Mr. Money?"

And with that, the Money man was gone.


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