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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


The Vindicator ... The New York Times ... ESPN ...

Those were the media references Kelly Pavlik spoke of (in that order) Saturday night to a crowd of adoring Youngstowners at an after-fight party in Atlantic City.

That's nice company for us. It speaks to the commitment we've made to Pavlik's career, and to the quality of our staff's work.

Each fight seems to bring out new opportunities for us. I imagine it's like GM producing a new car. Even as the new model is rolling off the line for the first time, somewhere in the company, somebody is dreaming up the next version. We were like that Saturday night. We're anxious for the next event. 

What was also fun with Pavlik's Saturday fight was watching the online reaction to our coverage on Reporter Joe Scalzo's work yielded applause from Australia and boos from Britain. We also had a solider stationed in Afghanistan post about Pavlik.

Important to all we do with Pavlik coverage is the cooperation of Team Pavlik. Consistent with Kelly himself, the management team behind him, despite all its success and new global status, remains just a bunch of local guys tending not just to Kelly, but to the community.

Kelly's climb has been a fun ride for us, and like all of the Valley, we're eager for it to continue.

Although also like all of the valley (I assume), I really hope the next fight is not in Wales as mentioned.

That'll be a hell of a travel bill.

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