Our 'Team Pavlik' is Jersey-bound, and the N.Y. Times discovers Kelly


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


Joe Scalzo had a suitcase in hand today.

Bill Lewis had shoulder bags over his arm.

This has been become routine for them – wherever Kelly Pavlik goes, so go Joe and Bill. Or at least, wherever Kelly fights.

Thursday, Joe and Bill will begin filing stories, photos and video from Atlantic City as Pavlik readies a defense of his middleweight boxing crown.

Our Pavlik coverage is among the best you'll find in print and online, and much of it is credited to Joe and Bill. Since they were assigned the Pavlik job (Bill in September and Joe last May for the Miranda fight), the two have become stellar at finding the big stories as well as the neat anecdotal stuff.

I laugh aloud at Joe's blogs and quips. Mike Pavlik Sr. comes to mind with his "wet my pants" comment to Joe. And Bill was the one who found the wedding couple at Pavlik's February fight in Las Vegas. 

Well, their show begins again Thursday. Watch for top coverage in print and online.

And when you're finished with us, check out the New York Times.

They did an excellent piece on Kelly. Read here.

As much as we cover Kelly, it is great to see an outsider's perspective.



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