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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


I'm ready to take on Kelly Pavlik, and I think I stand more than a fighting chance.

In fact, I think I can beat him, so long as it's on a softball field. And no punching occurs.

You may have heard that area media groups are teaming up in order to take on Team Pavlik in a benefit charity softball match that we hope will raise money for United Way. 

Read the story here.

You can play, too. We're looking for area business to pony up $250 to have up to four staffers join us for an inning.

It's all for charity, to be sure. But some ego is also at play, too.

Already, Kelly and his camp are talking smack about the game.

"Kelly's gonna hit three out."

"We're going to bat around the order."


From the media's end of it, we're thinking we're the ones who chase news; that's pretty exhausting. And the TV guys have to stay fit to look good on camera. We're not going to be easy chumps. The name "Lockett" is not hanging over our locker room.

What I do know about Pavlik and softball is that his swing is all wrong for this sport. Swinging bats at tractor tires for training is hardly equivalent to waiting for the paint-drying slow, beer-belly-arching arrival of a softball pitch.

Additionally, softball takes fielding prowess – left-to-right-to-left sprinting and the like. Pavlik's always-forward style works great for boxing. But if he's to be solid in softball, ol' Jack Loew's going to have to run around that ring a little more when he's training Kelly. I don't think Jack runs too much.

In fact, Kelly's straight-ahead style will best serve him when he's running straight toward the fence after our hits.

After an evening of softball with us, he'll be ready to fight Godzilla.

He just better hope Godzilla doesn't play softball, too.

The game is Sat. Aug. 9 at Cene Park in Struthers. We hope you can make it.

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