How Canfield, Ursuline, Chaney and Mooney are all one happy family


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


So on the back of today's sports section, we have a FANtastic page -- the sometimes weekly photo page inside of Blitz.

On the page, we ran a special feature sent to us by Cynthia Zordich. It's a photo story of her niece, Bryanne Halfhill, scoring her 1,000th point last week for Canfield High School.

But in looking at the pictures and the images, it almost becomes a game of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" when you start seeing who's in the pix, etc.

So Cynthia explained it all: 

Before I upload the images from Bryanne Halfhill's 1,000th point- I thought I'd give you a little family background.

Bryanne gave the ball to Her Gramma (Carmel Bucci). Her Grampa was William S. Bucci, the older brother of Coach Don Bucci. Bryanne and Jillian are first cousins to Michael, Alex, Aidan and Dominique Zordich of Mooney. Her Mom (Renee Halfhill) was the former Renee Bucci who graduated from Chaney. Her Dad (Brian Halfhill) is in the Hall of Fame at Ursuline.  So with that you will understand why everyone was at her game!

And watch for the home version of this game coming to a Nemenz IGA store near you. 


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