Mr. Conglose, be careful. The public could get insulted


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


Carmen S. Conglose Jr., Youngstown's just-retired public works deputy director, is a little angry these days.

More to the point, he's insulted.

He's Mayor Williams' hand-picked person to get a $41,538 (max pay) part-time job with Youngstown to coordinate traffic lights. Yet the group charged with signing off on his candidacy, the city civil service commission, wants to actually let other citizens get a fair shot at the job.

A slap in the face is his other feeling, when he's not feeling insulted. He let the commission know both feelings this week when they met about the job opening.

Let's be clear: He could do the job with ease, and he just closed a successful career as a deputy director.  

But let's also be clear on this: He should be a little more humble and public-minded about this public job.

He's walking around with enough Youngstown cash to buy every seat in the Chevy Centre for a Steelhounds game. 

He just left a $93,132 per year job to tap into a $60,000 annual pension. He was incentivized with $65,626 to go into retirement. And he was just awarded $54,246 for unused sick time and other accumulated time over his three decades on the job.

In case you're not scoring at home, that's $273,004 over two-year window as a public employee. Some citizens he's serving won't see that cash in a lifetime. 

Add in the citizens with lost jobs, foreclosed homes, no pay raises, high gas prices and more, and you're talking a lot of area people who would love to be in Conglose's insulted, face-slapped shoes. 

Any city job should be open to anybody -- whether they're people walking around with $273,004 in their pockets or people with nothing but lint.

Don't be insulted, Mr. Conglose.

Be grateful that they're making a $41K part-time job available at all, and that you, should you choose to apply, have a leg up on anybody else.

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