Columbiana sheriff needs to step down


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries



Logic finally overcame arrogance for Columbiana County Sheriff Dave Smith. He turned in notice Monday that he's not going to run for sheriff after all in 2008. Read the story here.

Smith is charged with DUI. Tests show his blood alcohol was twice the state limit. Here's an early story of his October arrest. More engaging though is the video of his arrest. Watch it here.

Sheriff Smith Patrol Stop

Sheriff Smith Patrol Stop Watch »

Getting behind the wheel in his condition is one thing. It's a horrible decision for anyone. It's even worse for a law enforcement official.

 State laws aside as far as running and serving, however, Smith likely could have survived in the court of public opinion regarding this incident. He's had a decent run as sheriff and America shows it can forgive, or at least forget.

But what compounds Smith's misdeed is his proclamation to his arresting state trooper that he would let a drunk person driving the roads of Columbiana get away with it if the drunk was a cop. See the video of Smith saying this in his own words.

For that, he should just step down now. I'd like to see him explain this philosophy to a fifth-grade class. He can't. With that lack of influence, how can he therefore stay the county's top cop?


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