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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


Welcome to a place I hope you'll come to enjoy daily, weekly ... and sometimes even hourly.

My name's Todd.

Todd Franko officially.

I guess Todd Franko, editor of The Vindicator to be officially official.

My job is to be part of The Vindicator team delivering content to you every day -- in print and online. As editor, some days the job is to climb up the hill first and encourage other team members along. Other days, I'm behind the pack, pushing along. And on just as many days, I'm on the sidelines admiring the work of my teammates and just glad to be along for the ride.

In either of the three roles above, no day is the same for me or for the rest of the Vindy crew — except in one regard.

What is the same is that each day we try — some days better than others —  to make each story about you or for you.

We don't exist without your success, your actions, your needs and your concerns. We need you as readers, we need you as consumers, we need you as advertisers. We need you as interested citizens.

It is your newspaper. 

OK -- it's not 'your' newspaper in terms of whose name is on Mahoning Valley property records of the Vindy or Ohio Secretary of State incorporation papers ... or the signature on my paycheck.

But it's your newspaper in that without your sustained interest in the various ways noted above, well, there are no property records, incorporation papers or .... um, ... even a paycheck for me.

In this space, we'll talk about a lot of things. I'll ask. You can ask. I'll share. You'll share.

I'd like to share some more at this time, but it's nearly 2 p.m. and I have to get on with the weekend papers.

Here is the story that ran about me last February when I joined the Vindy team.  

Talk soon ... 









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