A 2-year-old did not win Vindy Pavlik contest


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


Dear angry Vindicator callers:

Please refrain from yelling at our phone crew today. We did not award an all-expenses-paid trip to the next Kelly Pavlik fight to the 2-year-old girl in the photo with him.

That's the conclusion some readers jumped to after viewing the pictures in today's Vindy announcing the award winner. (See Page C6)

I know this is the Mahoning Valley, and given the history of political corruption and mob chicanery, there is seemingly this predisposition to think someone's out to screw ya.

As a refresher, today's the day we announced who won the "Pavlik's No. 1 Fan" trivia contest winner. We ran the contest for 28 days prior to Kelly's last fight.

There were 28 questions on Kelly. We drew one name to win the prize.

The winner is Colleen Flynn Paventi of Youngstown.

Kelly actually followed the contest every day. He can. It is, after all, his life we're making into a game. (I view it as The Vindy is prepping him for his own PlayStation game.)

Kelly was even sporting enough to draw the winning entry from the hundreds that we received. We shot photos of him doing so, which ran in the ad. Helping Kelly draw the winning entry Thursday was his daughter, Sydney. She is 2, and is the girl in the photo in Kelly's arms.

So, while the girl in Kelly's arms is eligible for an all-expenses-paid trip to the next fight, it is more likely to come from her dad because, well, he's the boxer.

She won't be getting the Vindicator trip because our prize is going to Colleen Flynn Paventi.


I'll refrain from calling Colleen to ask if she would have obliged to being the one in the photo with Kelly. But based on the screaming she did in the phone when she learned she won, she likely would have been in the photo.

(That was a simple clarification.) 





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