Taylor-Pavlik One — in a way you've never seen


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


In Friday's Vindy, check out our C1 story by Joe Scalzo.

It's a story about the Sept. 29 fight, or PT1.

But it's written in a way that brings together all the thoughts, fears and joy of Pavlik and all those around him, round by round, as it happened.

From the enormous crowd at the start .... to the crushing second round ... to the unbelievable seventh round.

Pavlik ... his mom ... Bob Arum ... Jack Loew ... Jim Lampley ... Lennox Lewis ... Mike Pavlik. All their thoughts and observations come together in a neat story. 

I've read these Pavlik stories for months. I've watched the fight 6 times or more. This is a cool story still.

Check it out on Friday's sports cover. 


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