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A 2-year-old did not win Vindy Pavlik contest

Dear angry Vindicator callers:Please refrain from yelling at our phone crew today. We did not award an all-expenses-paid trip to the next Kelly Pavlik fight to the 2-year-old girl in the photo with him.That's the conclusion some readers jumped to after viewing the pictures in today's Vindy announcing the award ...

"Hi, this is Kelly Pavlik ..."


Any Leap Year fun going on?

Leap year fun

Youngstown council confuses itself with a city that has cash

Buying bad government

Cafaro on the Mahoning primary ballot


A unique interruption at mayor's lunch

Lunch with Jay

Here's why I liked 'Pavlik-Taylor II' better than 'I'

It's the morning after the fight, Pavlik-Taylor II, and, as a sports fan, I feel pretty good about it.It's been interesting reading some of the stuff online.I think as humans, and especially as sports fans, we long to witness those moments that will linger for a generation (or at least ...

Saturday night is a fun newspaper night

As I write this, I'm in my Poland living room with a few guys watching the Pavlik fight. The fight's on TV, and on the computer, I'm reading Joe Scalzo blogs from ringside in Las Vegas. With Joe are writer John Bassetti and photogs Bill Lewis and Bob Yosay. Sitting ...

Taylor-Pavlik One — in a way you've never seen

In Friday's Vindy, check out our C1 story by Joe Scalzo.It's a story about the Sept. 29 fight, or PT1.But it's written in a way that brings together all the thoughts, fears and joy of Pavlik and all those around him, round by round, as it happened.From the enormous crowd ...

Check out Pavlik's trunks for Saturday

Kelly Pavlik boxing trunks

Updates on Hillary and Kelly

OK -- here's the latest on what's become our new sport here at The Vindicator: "The Hillary, Barack and Kelly Patrol"-- On Hillary: She is now slated to be at Lordstown Thursday morning, not the business incubator as initially reported. The GM event is set to be a town hall-type ...

Pavlik vs. politics — what's good policy?

The big match is nearly upon us. Passionate foes jabbing at one another. Verbal taunts. Who's stronger? Who's weaker? And claims about who did what with the Cafaros.I'm talking about the March primaries. What are you talking about? OK — maybe that fight on Saturday, Pavlik vs. Taylor. It's tough ...

Youngstown 2010 — oh, that thing again

It's tough to mention "Youngstown" without almost automatically adding "2010."The two have been linked for years, and to some, it remains a rallying cry. For others, 2010 is the "oh-that-again" thing.Regardless of your mindset, 2010 has succeeded in becoming the public movement of record, for the moment. The Vindicator takes a ...

We can get Hillary, Obama, McCain and Co. to Youngstown

With the presidential contests in each party providing one of the most drawn-out primaries in recent history, Ohio becomes something it hadn't expected to become with more than half the states finished in the pre-run to the White House: WE ARE RELEVANT.So the country's eyes are turning to the next ...

You got the flu, too?

Man, it's just not a good day; make that week.The flu had me dragging Monday; out Tuesday; back at it today, but still out of it, so to speak.I'm glad to know it's not just me.Area hospitals are limiting visitations due to an uptick in flu cases.We'll have a story ...

Some Super ads -- and not so super ones, too

Animals and Angelina. And don't hire the ad firm that sales hired.Those are the highlights after spending a meticulous Sunday night watching not the Super Bowl, but the Super Bowl ads.I watched the game, too, which did its best to resemble a NCAA hoops game where you only need ...

Walker Mill and Western Reserve roads: the valley's newest off-road adventures

The world stops when 'Dirty Jobs' is on

I had some notes to get on here today, even though it's a Saturday. But I made a fatal decision that has doomed many men: I reached for the clicker.Hot damn: "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" is on A&E. He's at a shingle manufacturer, and he's sandwiched between two 24-inch ...

Put yourself in The Vindicator; watch our new Sunday effort

Thursday's Vindicator offered another week of FANtastic photos -- putting you and your antics at area sporting events into the paper.On Sunday, we extend that project a bit, while stealing just a smidge from "America's Funniest Home Videos."We are introducing Snapz on Sunday's E1. We want Snapz to be a ...