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A Christmas song from The Vindy and friends

Enjoy a special Vindy song.

I laughed when Joe Schiavoni got Boccieri’s seat

Joe seemed to take on the role of Pavlik’s lawyer as a personal and public duty, not a personal or public ticket to the front row of any event.

YSU union should show some remorse

The union has simultaneously charged that YSU has buyer’s remorse and is derelict of due diligence. How can you be both?

Show us your Christmas lights

Christmas trees.“Miracle on 34th Street.”Santa.The list of holiday traditions can go on and on. One of the newer traditions to develop in the last decade or so are the elaborate light displays on people’s homes.Here’s one that’s several years old and was featured on a beer commercial (It has almost ...

This is Josh's last Christmas

Akron Children's Hospital invited me to spend a day seeing its daily activities. What I experienced was not on the agenda. I met Josh -- a boy the same age as my son. This is Josh's last Christmas.

Boy Scout Thanksgiving

A good snow might not be ideal for most campers. But if you’re in the Boy Scouts, it’s as good a time as any to head to the woods.