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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


Lots of letters cross the desk each day, as do emails on the laptop.

Most are straightforward. Some are bizarre. Some are a bir irreverent, like this one I thought I'd share:


I thoroughly enjoyed the article in Sunday's (8/3/08) Business section about the craft beer revolution! However, since I am a member of a local homebrewing club, none of the article's facts came as a surprise to me.  

Indeed, a growing number of local residents are becoming more aware of the fact that there are more choices than the large macro brews.  We, Brewers of Ohio's Zymurgist Enclave (B.O.O.Z.E.) are all aficionados and connoisseurs of what we lovingly refer to as "good beer."  We meet monthly to share samples of our latest brews, talk about brewing and wine making and generally revel in the many choices of great-tasting beer and wine at our disposal.

Several members of our club participated in the Ohio State Fair Homebrewing Competition this year, and, as a group, came away with twelve awards, including three Gold Medals, four Silver medals, two Bronze Medals and three Fourth Place ribbons.

Our club's purpose is to promote the responsible enjoyment and brewing of fine beer in the Mahoning Valley,  and encourage anyone wishing to join us in our quest for "good beer" to contact us at: BOOZEBREWERS@AOL.COM. />
David M. Szakacs