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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


A circular table has a circumference of 18 feet.  What is a reasonable approximation for the diameter of the table?

A-6 feet.
B-9 feet.
C-12 feet.
D-21 feet.

That's a sample question for a performance test that will be handed out next week to grade-schoolers across Ohio.

Forget what you hear about homecoming, graduation or the class trip: No event in schools has become more consuming than test week. Credit the No Child Left Behind Act and its impact on school test results. Those results affect the tax dollars for a district.

My fifth-grader -- who will confront questions like above -- has been talking about the test for weeks. He wants to rush off to buy a new video game this weekend because "once next week gets here, I will not be able to play it because it's testing week."

Test week is indeed next week. In Sunday's Vindicator, we will have some fun with it. Harold Gwin has a neat story that starts with kids frolicking in Mill Creek Park this week. The frolicking was actually prepping for science tests and every Youngstown fifth-grader took part.

All of the fuss had us wondering: Could we pass a grade school performance test?

Well now, you too can play at home with The Vindicator's handy, dandy sample test.

We took 10 sample test questions from across multiple grade levels and assembled them into a single test.

We want you to take it. Go to vindy.com and see how you would do. Warning: It's not easy

By the way, the answer is A. 


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