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What a weird couple days of ups and downs

The Vindy was too successful with our eagles story a week or so back. An angry reader called today to say that because we listed a map of the location, about 500 people showed up this weekend, creating a circus. The reader hoped we went bankrupt.

Our tax dollars at work

Gas prices were still high this morning, but I'm optimistic the impact of my Wii purchase on the economy will happen Monday.

What's a dad's first steps when a kid's being bullied?

After all the normal chatter of homelife settled last night, this little bit of info eked out: One of my sons and a buddy went down to the guidance counselor's office to discuss being bullied by another kid.Hmph ... They're growing up. Earlier this year, we got to discuss "boy ...

The Geraldo-ing of Marc Dann's e-mails

I can't help but wonder how Geraldo would have handled the release of Attorney General Marc Dann's e-mails, and how much it would have resembled the made-for-TV opening of Al Capone's vault.

HBO sets another American movie standard

Put "John Adams" up there with "Roots" as far as what it said and how much it said about an important time in our country.

27 people have taken our Ohio school standards test. You take it

Out of the 27 quizzes through Saturday night, the average score was 9.96. There were 5 perfect scores.

Dann subtext: 2 us @ Vindy, whtz ryt is n Dtails

Right from the first story last week, we were challenged with what is fair to report vs. what is unfair. What was fact immediately was that two female co-workers alleged sexual harassment against Anthony Gutierrez, Dann’s director of general services and also his Liberty neighbor. What wasn't initially verified as fact were the claims by the women – from pizza parties to unbuttoned pants to staffers in pajamas.

It's a hoppin' news day today — from Dann to drugs to donuts

We made the front page of CNN today on our mortgage/foreclosure/shrinking city issue. Read the story here.That was moderately interesting on the heels of other national media showing interest in our challenges in recent years.We then picked up news of two public officials in trouble. You can see the one ...

My new pals, Marina and Boaz

It was tough for me to know who was more scared Thursday — me or my escort, Marina Donadio. But together, we toughed out walking the catwalk in front of 750 or so women for the annual Angels of Easter Seals Luncheon and fashion show.

YSU, Vindy, others team to help inner-city kids play baseball

Please keep on your list today and Friday the opportunity to help a kid by cleaning out the old baseball gear in your house. YSU softball players are heading a multi-group effort to find used baseball gear to equip Youngstown inner-city youth baseball.

Dann has to work harder to avoid title of 'one-termer'

Dann spent so much of his energy getting elected to the top office, you have to wonder -- after frequent staff and operational misjudgments in the first year or so -- how much intellect was spent on how to operate the office.

New music vid for Pavlik song ... or for bingo brawlin'

Awhile back, an Indiana rap singer, Jon "Lyrical Lizard" Guthrie produced a pretty cool song saluting Youngstown boxer Kelly Pavlik.Guthrie sent word this weekend that with the help of Youngstowner John Carraher, the song has been put to Pavlik highlight video, and it's a pretty cool mix of song and ...

PLAY BALL ... and help some kids in the process

America's pastime is suffering in America's cities. I don't mean the cities and towns such as Canfield, Poland, Columbiana, Boardman, etc. I mean in America's first cities — places like Youngstown and Cleveland.

Tony Lariccia might never sing the blues, but you should hear him ...

chamber dinner

Louie Free was right (did I just say that?)