Roster cuts make for tough days in NFL


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by Nick Eason   | 17 entries


This week, we had one of the toughest days of the NFL year - final cut day.
I think about 25 guys were cut today.
Some of them I have become close to over the past few months.
It’s a gruesome process.
But that’s what makes the NFL unique in itself.
This process is what makes this league so competitive.
If you watch the news around the NFL, there will be a lot of guys who will be released that will shock a lot of people.
It’s hard to pinpoint reasons why players are waived.
Some get cut because of lack of talent.
Some get cut because of roster spots.
Others are released because of the salary cap.
Saturday, we had our last meeting of the preseason. Was not much to be said. We reviewed the game as a defense. It’s good to review corrections from game film. Now the real season starts next week.
There has been a lot of talk about out 2008 opponents. We supposedly have the toughest schedule in the NFL. Each new season brings about a new team. So I’m concerned about the teams from 2007. I’m preparing for the teams of 2008. Resume and reputation mean nothing to me!
Every game counts now from this point on.
We have to take one team at a time. Can’t look forward to playing anyone except our next opponent. If you overlook your next opponent because you have the mentality of "we are suppose to beat the team", those are the teams who you get beat by!
We must be fundamentally sound offensively and defensively!
We came out the preseason healthy.
Unfortunately we lost Arnold Harrison. Arnold plays outside linebacker. He was very emotional on the sidelines after he was injured. He tore his ACL, which means he will be out for the season. That has to be really tough to get hurt at any point and time, but in the last preseason game — it hurts worse.
That’s why I made a goal to get my degree.
Because in one play your career could vanish.
Sure you are under 305. I saw you last night on TV and you look larger. I hope to see for myself on Sept. 5, 2008. I still love you even though you are larger than 305. Whatever mother, I’m not that heavy. I lost weight. I’m serious. You have no faith in your son.
Gotta ask about your impression of Coach Bowden and the Tigers for 2008. How do you think the season will progress and are you going to get to come to the Valley for any games this year?
Honestly CUTiger95, I haven’t really followed the Tigers much this year. But I think Coach Bowden will do a great job in leading the team in the direction that they should go, that’s in the direction of a national championship.
I think we have the talent on our team to contend for a national title. We have had the talent to do that for many years. I’m looking forward to this year being the "year of the Clemson Tigers".
I don’t think I will be making it to death valley this year.
I haven’t checked my bye week schedule.
If my schedule permits me to do so, I will attend a game this year!

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