The long days of NFL training camp begin


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by Nick Eason   | 17 entries


Training camp has just begun.

This is my 6th training camp. It doesn't get any easier as the years go by. There is nothing easy about it. The days are long and hot. The best thing about being here is that we are collectively working toward winning a Super Bowl.

We have an offense that can score and a defense that can stop anyone from scoring. As Coach Tomlin would say: "We are building our foundation to win games".

This is my second season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's a great organization. We have great ownership that has built a winning tradition here in Pittsburgh. The coaches are the some of the best around the league. I have the best teammates I could ever ask for. We all have each others' back on and off the field.
Today's first practice (Monday, July 28), I thought I didn't perform well. My technique was a little off. I got knocked off the ball once. It just felt weird. It was my first day in pads since we lost in the post-season to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I guess it was the opportunity for me to knock off the rust.

During the offseason, we don't wear pads at all. We get alot done without pads in the offseason. That's one of the aspects of being a pro: being able to practice without shoulder pads. The season is long. Training camp is long. Alot of guys get banged and bruised. So as a head coach, you have to keep guys healthy for game day.

My cardio is great. I dropped 15 pounds in a month and a half and i can tell the difference. i'm alot quicker and my endurance is better than it was last year.

As I mentioned earlier, my technique was a little off. That is what our individual period at practice is for. Individual period is about 30 minutes with your position coach. And we have one of the best in the league, John Mitchell. He demands nothing but the very best from every player regardless if you're a veteran or a rookie. We do drills that help us become better football players. We do the same drills day in and day out. An old coach of mine once told me that "people are creatures of habit".

We work hard every day to so that we can perfect our technique. We have one of the best defensives lines in the NFL and I take pride in being part of that.
My second practice (Monday afternoon) was better than the first.

My goal is to get better every time i step on the field. Mentally, i will never reach a state of mind where i think that I'm at my best because i believe that there is always room for improvement.

My technique was better in the second practice. And I made some good plays with the help of my teammates. I'm a team player. I know that without those 10 other guys on the field, I would not be able to make a single play.

It's 11 p.m. I just got my room checked by the strength coach. Curfew is at 11 p.m. They check every room every night.

I'm going to hit the bed. I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to get some extra strength and conditioning.


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