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It was hot this afternoon.

My grandmother always told me that "hell was much hotter. Keep God first in your life."

It was definitely a hot one (Tuesday). I think I lost about seven pounds of water weight in one practice. Amazing!

Today’s practice was better than yesterday’s practice. Honestly, today seems like yesterday and yesterday seems like today. I’m pretty sure I will lose count on what day of the week it is.

We had the two-minute drill today. The two-minute drill is when the offense only has two minutes to score. So it’s an intense, fast-paced period of practice. My endurance was definitely tested today, but I survived.

As a D-lineman, you have to rush the passer, which requires me to run through or around an offensive lineman who’s 6 feet, 6 inches, 320 pounds — every play. And if it’s Max Starks, it’s 6 feet, 8 inches, 350 pounds.

Dinner was not the greatest today. I turned to the dessert table. Now that was very pleasing. Just the right things that I needed for energy — cookies and banana bread!

Each night, they serve what we call a snack. Snack consists of pizzas, deli meat (any type of bread of your choice), smoothies, fresh fruit and cookies. Basically, they provide healthy options or not-so-healthy options. I take the healthy option every time! (yeah right!).

Meetings went until almost 10 p.m. (Tuesday). Keep in mind, I had to take a drug test this morning at 6 a.m.! Long days!  

Some of the rookie defensive lineman are lost. But I was lost my first training camp, too. I try to give them as much advice as I can to help them learn the defense and how to survive camp. (My rookie year was a long year.)

I have failed to mention the living arrangements. I feel like a college freshman again! I’m living in a dormitory. I rented a queen-size bed, a leather recliner. I brought a small refrigerator and plasma TV from home — and my laptop.

We have two hard practices Wednesday. It’s 'no bone Wednesday."

When coach gives a break, we call it "giving us a bone." But Coach Tomlin relayed the message in tonight’s team meeting to not expect that bone for Wednesday’s practice.

I wasn’t expecting a bone just yet. So I wasn’t disappointed! Wednesday is just another day for me to get better and work on the things that are going to help us win.

This is not an easy job. I love the game of football. I gotta love it. It’s a violent sport played by violent men on the field. I’m a nice guy off the field. But on the field, I have a different approach. The guy in front of me is trying to rip my head off and I’m trying to rip off his.

Sounds crazy huh?

I found out today that we lost our starting punter for the season. That sucks. But it’s the nature of the NFL. Guys go down all the time at different positions. The good teams have depth, and that’s what we have with this team — quality depth.

I truly miss my family and friends alot. My mom has multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed with it 10 years ago. She lives in my hometown — Lyons, GA. That’s another aspect of being a pro — trying to filter out all off-the-field distractions. That’s why its important that you’re mentally and physically tough at this level.

Well, I’m going to go get some rest for "no bone Wednesday!"

Night ...

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