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A morning off, and a dude's massaging me

Normally, I fall asleep during my massages, but low and behold, I had a man who was massaging me. I have nothing a against a man being a massage therapist, but my mindset is just a little different.

Friend's heart attack teaches lessons for NFL, life

Practice went well Wednesday. We got alot of work done today as a team. I'm a little sore, but its not too bad at all. It starting raining really hard after practice was over. Thanks alot, God! You were 2 hours too late! Me, Travis (90), Diesal (99) and Vel ...

Hot Tuesday and no bones on Wednesday

When coach gives a break, we call it "giving us a bone." But Coach Tomlin relayed the message in tonight’s team meeting to not expect that bone for Wednesday’s practice.

The 6 a.m. pee test

Two intern athletic trainers were sent to my room to awaken me to give a urine sample. They looked very scared and nervous.

The long days of NFL training camp begin

Training camp has just begun. This is my 6th training camp. It doesn't get any easier as the years go by. There is nothing easy about it. The days are long and hot. The best thing about being here is that we are collectively working toward winning a Super Bowl. ...