Losing sucks, but I like the Acme Club on South Ave.


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I hate losing. It sucks. It’s never good!
That’s my competitive nature. I don’t care if it’s a preseason game or postseason, I hate losing!
We beat ourselves. We let the Bills beat us. I feel that we had the better team. But they were the better team on Thursday.
That’s the NFL.
Like I mentioned before, any team can be beat on any given Sunday. (Well because it’s the preseason, any given Thursday)
We made a lot of mistakes in all phases of the game. But we came together as a group. And we’ll take the necessary coaching corrections, and we’ll march forward!
I felt that I played well. But there is always room for improvement. I’m very hard on myself — sometimes harder on me than a coach would be. But that’s what it takes. You have to recognize the areas that you need to improve on, and work to master those things. There is one important aspect of football that can’t be coached, and that’s effort!
Sometimes guys are going to make mistakes. I make mistakes myself. Mistakes are things that can be corrected by a coach. But a player can’t be coached on effort. As a player, you have to give a 110% on every play -- regardless if you make a mistake.
Your motor has to run full speed at all times.
I had an opportunity to play against some former teammates.
Kirk Chambers, a former Browns teammate, is now the starting right tackle for the Bills. I had a chance to battle against him in the game. He has always been a solid offensive lineman. I see that he has taken advantage of his opportunity, because he's doing well.
Melvin Folwer, also a former Browns teammate, is the starting center. Melvin is a very athletic center. He is very quick and does a good job on zone run schemes. I also had the opportunity to play against him while I was still playing at Clemson.
Shaun Nua, a former Steeler, was with the team last year, but was released during training camp. They brought him back during the regular season for three weeks, then he was released again. Nua plays defensive end for the Bills and he played well.
Only two more days of camp left.
Honestly, I cant wait until it’s over. My knees are killing me. It seems like I don’t have any time to recover. That’s what the training room and the ice tubs are for. I plan on taking yoga once the season starts up again. Yoga will help with my flexibility and with the soreness. Lack of flexibility is the reason why a lot of athletes get injured a lot. That’s why it’s very important to stretch before and after practice.

I failed again tonight. I went to back to Burger King to make up for the last time I went. I ordered a double whopper with cheese, no tomato, and I supersized. It was very satisfying. Now I lay down in bed tonight with all the greasy beef sitting in my stomach. And by the way, I had a dutch apple pie! I’m a big pig sometimes. But everyone has there pig moments. You just can’t be a pig everyday!
As always, I have to end my blogs with some type of message.
I do this because I want people to get to know what’s really on my mind from time to time. And I try to inspire people or challenge them to think outside the box.
Someone made a comment to me a couple of weeks ago "You’re really down to earth. I thought you would be stuck up, or arrogant." I laugh at comments like that. I’m assuming that individuals who make comments like that have come in contact with another member of the NFL, or a person who is considered famous, or popular. Their experience with that person was not a pleasant one.
I must admit there are some professional athletes who let the atmosphere of the NFL life change who they are, or cause them to forget where God has brought them from.
The media is not going to make a huge story about me or other members of the NFL going to read to little kids at elementary schools, or speaking to a youth football team, or visiting the sick.
The stories that are going to get the most attention are the bad ones.
There are a lot of NFL football players who are doing a lot of good in their communities that go unrecognized. As for me, what you see is what you get. I’m not an arrogant person. I don’t wear thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. I don’t live in a million dollar home. I don’t drive a Bentley.
I will sleep on a floor or a couch. I’m a big kid at heart. I love giving back to the community. That’s the greatest pleasure I feel is being able to give back. I don’t have the perfect life. I didn’t grow up having everything that I wanted. I have relationship issues just like any other couple.
I’m tough, but I do cry.  
I shop at Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, The Dollar Tree and any other department stores that offer bargains.
I wake up with ashy hands and feet. I like wearing sweat pants and T-shirts. I enjoy eating at family-owned restaurants.
And I love to be entertained by a guy named Jimmy, who thinks he is a ladies man and hangs out at  on SOuththe Acme Club on South Avenue in Youngstown.
It’s a great place to hang out.
Maybe in the future, I will invite each of you who are reading my blogs to a private party!
Respect, respect, respect. You have to give respect to get respect.
Rather than be concerned with what others think of you, concern yourself with what you think of yourself. The greatest fortune is to know who you are and who you need not to be.
Quote of the day: "False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine, but leaving us when we cross into the shade."

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