I'm thinking of growing my hair out. How about a mohawk?


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Monday, we had two pad practices and it was a grind. My mind was telling my legs to move fast, but they were not listening.

I think my legs went AWOL. Anyone seen them?

My body is totally sore. I need a good massage and about an hour in the cold tub, and a good yoga class. I think I’m going to start loading up my truck soon so that I won’t have a lot of things to carry to my truck in one day. I don’t have much. But I can at least load the fridge and the TV, considering I haven’t used either of them much at all.
At the end of this week, we will have the "rookie show." I’m very interested in seeing what this year’s rookie class has to offer.
Last year’s rookie class was very entertaining performing skits mocking me, Mike Tomlin, Kevin Barlow, as well as other coaches and players. Then there is a wonderful feast to follow. My rookie year, we didn’t have a rookie show. We had a rookie night! I was responsible for paying for all the defensive line’s drinks, food, limo, etc.

I spent almost $10,000. I was super pissed. Guys who don’t even drink were ordering bottles of expensive wines. It was ridiculous!

My rookie year was a roller coaster. I had some personal problems off the field. It was an emergency, so I decided to leave in the middle of the night and call coach the next morning. Little did I know how the media works. They made this huge huge story out of it. Rookie mistakes ....
This week, we play the Buffalo Bills in Toronto, Canada.

Why in Canada? I have no idea!

I have never traveled to Canada before, but this won’t be a sightseeing trip. It’s going to be all about beating the Buffalo Bills.

They have a great running back in Lynch. He is one of the best running backs in this league. Their running attack will be a challenge for our defense. As I have mentioned before, even though it’s a preseason game, no team likes losing. So we will expect them to try to come out and play smash-mouth football.

As some of you probably already know, we lost our backup QB, Charlie Batch. I don’t know how long he’s not going to be able to play, but we signed Byron Leftwich. Leftwich was a first round draft pick out of Marshall. He was drafted by the Jaguars.

It’s so crazy to me that a guy who was on top of the world was sitting at home without a job.

That’s the nature of this business. But we are very glad to have him as a Steeler. Dennis Dixon is coming along as a NFL quarterback. He is a very mobile QB who likes to run. He has a lot of speed. But I hope he knows how to slide. We can’t have him running around too much because the guys at this level hit a whole lot harder than what he experienced in college.
I’m growing my hair out — I think. I usually keep a clean-shaven head. But I’m going for a different look this year.

Every year, I say the same thing, but I end up shaving it off. I even thought about going with a mohawk, but i figured that might scare people and possibly little kids.

I have noticed a lot of people with mohawks. I think it’s coming back into style, but it’s definitely not for Nick Eason. I was looking at some old pictures of myself tonight. Could you believe that I was only 220 pounds going into college? What happened!

I was the sexiest chocolate on campus! Some of the girls called me "Nestle." lol!

I played defensive end at 250. My sophomore season, I tore my Achilles tendon, and I put on the weight. The heaviest I have ever been was 335 pounds. Right now, I’m weighing about 297 pounds. The longer I play, the less I want to weigh because it’s less stress on my lower body.
I always like to end my blogs with a little advice that I obtain from my book I’m reading called "God is in the Tough stuff."

Today’s reading talks about how sometimes our own choices make us experience misery or suffering.

I speak to a lot of kids at different schools. I tell them that they will always have choices to make. God gives us that choice, and America gives us the freedom to choose. But there is always a consequence from our decisions, whether our choices be good or bad.

Five key points listed my Bruce and Stan.
    1. The worst thing you can do to someone in distress is to offer advice.
    2. The best thing you can do is listen and encourage.
    3. There's nothing to be gained by judging someone whose poor choices have led to suffering.
    4. There's everything to be gained by watching your own choices.
    5. Suffering is beneficial only if it helps you take your eyes off yourself and put them on God.

Take care everyone!


As for the football winner from my contest last week.

The winner is Jeremy Moreau of Indiana, PA.

Oh yeah -- the answer was .... blue.


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