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by Nick Eason   | 17 entries


Another hard long day on the gridiron Wednesday.

Once again we had two practices! And it's two days before a game.

You think my legs feel great. Hell no! My body is hurting. My right groin is bothering me a little bit. I will have to make sure that I wake up really early so that I can get some extra treatment. This morning's practice was a "young guy" emphasis, which means all first-year players took most of the snaps.

I'm so exhausted. For some reason, there were more people at practice than there has been during the past two weeks.

Wednesday we got our playbooks for the Eagles game. Keep in mind we receive a new playbook for every team we play. That's why I encourage high school and college athletes to be students of the game.

My position coach is really looking forward to see how well the rookies play on Friday. I'm very excited for those guys as well. They have been working really hard, and now it's time to see how much their hard work has paid off. Also it will be a reality check for some because the speed of the game is going to be a whole lot faster than it is at practice.

I need big pat on the back! I didn't eat bad tonight. I had a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter -- and 1 protein shake! And after I get done writing this, I'm going to do some sit-ups and push-ups.

Going into this game, my goal to play with good technique and make the plays that come to me. I want to be a factor on every play that I'm out there on the field.

I haven't really heard much from anyone out there? Is there anyone who is reading my blog have any questions for me?

The first person that can guess my favorite color will receive a autographed football by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Email me at nfllife@vindy.com.

The never-ending NFL football season is on it's way. I know we are going to have a great year. Our team is well conditioned and ready for battle.

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