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Tuesday was one of those long days, as is every day.

My legs are getting heavier. That’s not the greatest thing considering I have a game on Friday. I will continue to ice down the lower body and try to recover much as I can before game day.

Tuesday we had live goal line again. And once again, the defense prevailed. We shut them down. Goal line is probably the most intense part of practice. It’s the only time during training camp that we can actually tackle the running back to the ground.

Today there was "supposed" to be a thunderstorm, but as you already know — it never showed up. Rumors! I hate rumors. That’s just our bodies sending signals to our brain to inform us that we need a day off. But it’s not happening.

I’m sitting in my room. I couldn’t resist once again! I’m eating some pizza. But I’m not putting on any weight because I’m practicing and I’m also doing cardio every day. I must put an end to this late-night eating when training camp is over with. I plan on going to Disney World! I gotta get sexy! Lol!

I have to start preparing for the Eagles. I will watch game film from last year. During the preseason, it’s really hard to predict what your opponent is going to do. A lot of teams don’t like to showcase their whole offensive playbook. I’m expecting basic runs and passes. I will study the strengths and weaknesses of every offensive lineman. Any tips that I can pick up on will help me play faster and be productive within the framework of the defense.

Anyone ever drink G2? It’s awesome.

As I reflect over this training camp, I’ve gotten better every day, and that has been my goal from the beginning.

I think some of the rookies are feeling the pressures of the NFL. Some of them get it. Some of them don’t. Well in a couple of weeks, reality will set in. We have 85 guys here, and only 53 roster spots. You do the math.

Even though I’m a veteran guy, I never feel safe. I always come to work with a mindset as if they’re going to release me. Regardless of what your contract says, you can be released at any time. They might have to pay you, but they still can release you. NFL stands for "not for long.”
Troy (43) just came into my room. He brought me chocolate milk. Like I really need that!

As I mentioned last week, I’m reading a book called "God is in the tough stuff." I read a very interesting quote "Loving God doesn’t exempt you from troubles, but it does ensure that you won’t go through them alone." (Bruce and Stan).

Oh by the way, Stephen Hightower!

Talk about a blast from the past. An old high school football teammate of mine sent me an email today after seeing this blog!

Man, I really can’t recall what years we played together. But he was an awesome man of God. I think he was a kicker. The high school days! Toombs County High School Bulldogs! And we were all that!

One of these journal entries, I will talk a little bit about my high school.

Would you believe that we had and white and black prom? I’m not talking about black and white clothing. I’m talking about a black prom meaning all African Americans, and another prom with all Caucasians!

Crazy huh? And years later, they added a Hispanic prom!

But other than its sometimes “keep quiet” racial issues, Toombs County was a great place growing up.

As far as football goes, we had an awesome team while I was there for four years.

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