The day I got to run the ball 12 yards


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Today is Friday right?
When you start practicing twice a day, you begin to lose count.
Today we had a special teams practice this morning. We worked on worked on fundamentals. Getting our hips turned, locking on to your opponent and running your feet thru contact.
As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs this week, I’m a starter on kick off returns.
My most exciting moment was when we played the New England Patriots. The ball was kicked short! Actually, they probably kicked the ball to me on purpose with hopes that I would fumble. But I’m a big, athletic guy, and I was first-team all-state as a tight end. I got some pretty decent hands.
It amazes me how all big guys like myself always wish they could be a running back or a tight end — or some type of position that a smaller guy would play.
(I’m just reflecting on my lighter days, but back to my story.)
Anyways, so the ball was kicked to me. Keep in mind the big guys like myself are coached to signal a fair catch.
But not this big guy. I caught the ball and ran for 12 yards.
I was a little concerned about the little defensive backs running down on their kick-off team. You really think that they’re going to hit a 6 foot 4inches, 300-pound defensive lineman up top?
Heck no! They going for my precious knees.
I wasn’t about to let that happen. So I decided to tuck the ball and just head for the ground.
Tonight is "Friday night lights!'
There is going to be about 5,000 to 7,000 people. It’s going to be pretty exciting.

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