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It's getting down to cut time in the NFL

We have 83 guys on our roster at this time and the NFL only allows us to keep 53. You do the math!

I answer questions from some readers

First of all I just wanted to answer a few questions that were submitted by readers. Question:"Nick, I'm sure there are a lot of things the public does not know about being a pro athlete. For one, how does (any) pro player get paid during the season? Direct deposit, thru ...

Losing sucks, but I like the Acme Club on South Ave.

Greetings. I hate losing. It sucks. It’s never good! That’s my competitive nature. I don’t care if it’s a preseason game or postseason, I hate losing! We beat ourselves. We let the Bills beat us. I feel that we had the better team. But they were the better team on ...

It's Burger King dammit! Where are the burgers?

Today was a another hard day on the gridiron. My knees are on fire. Any good massage therapist out there? I really need one! Training camp is almost over. Tomorrow we travel. We play Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then we are done! Yahoo. Then the never ending NFL season ...

I'm thinking of growing my hair out. How about a mohawk?

Monday, we had two pad practices and it was a grind. My mind was telling my legs to move fast, but they were not listening. I think my legs went AWOL. Anyone seen them? My body is totally sore. I need a good massage and about an hour in the ...

In granddaddy's last moments came words to live by

Hello! I want to thank everyone for participating in guessing my favorite color! I had so many responses that I’m going to need a little help from my dear friend Todd Franko from the Vindy! I will announce the winner in my next blog. One more week of training camp! ...

Want a real NFL football signed by the Steelers? Click here

I haven't really heard much from anyone out there? Is there anyone who is reading my blog have any questions for me? The first person that can guess my favorite color will receive a autographed football by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"NFL" means "not for long" if you don't make things happen

Tuesday was one of those long days, as is every day. My legs are getting heavier. That’s not the greatest thing considering I have a game on Friday. I will continue to ice down the lower body and try to recover much as I can before game day.Tuesday we had ...

Grandparents' sacrifices allow for my NFL life today

Sunday was family day. All my teammates’ families were in town for practice and a cookout afterwards. All of my family is back in Georgia. As far as practice goes. It was a successful day. We had the opportunity to have "live goalline!" Basically, we were allowed to tackle the ...

Ask me some questions about Steelers training camp

"Friday night lights” was pretty impressive. Thousands of fans showed up just like I had anticipated. As soon as we arrived, we all lined up around the stadium and signed autographs. All the fans loved it.

The day I got to run the ball 12 yards

Keep in mind the big guys like myself are coached to signal a fair catch when a ball is kicked to us. But not this big guy.