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Yesterday on 7-8-08 A beautiful husky-wolf mix was stolen from my yard, by OFFICER FISCHER OF HUBBARD CITY POLICE! Earlier that day 2 officers came to my home, and told my 17 year old daughter, they'd had a complaint of animal neglect.  We KNOW who is behind this complaint:  KAY CARSONE, HER DAUGHTER IN LAW AND LOUIS CARSONE, ANOTHER OF HUBBARDS "FINEST" LOL! They checked the dog out, and said she was fine and would let the office know this.  They said that she only needed fresh water.  My daughter complied with this.  At 2:30 p.m. we had to leave for my daughter's meetings.  At approx. 6 p.m. Fischer came into our yard, with out notice, warning or warrant and stole the dog, who by the way doesn't even belong to us!  She is my exhusband's dog, and we were dog sitting for two weeks!  He is returning this weeked, and his dog is gone!  IF anyone reading this lives in Hubbard, HIDE YOUR PETS, IF YOU DON'T WANT THEM STOLEN BY THE POLICE...these thieves watch and wait until you are not home, and them they steal the animals.  if you live on East Park Ave be warned, The Carsones (Kay and her son LOUIS and daughter in law)  are TROUBLE MAKERS!  They think they own  the town and can run everybody in it! IF YOU HAVE PETS THAT YOU LOVE, KEEP THEM OUT OF SIGHT OF THE CARSONES!  THEY WILL SEE TO IT YOU LOSE THEM, AND IF YOU FIGHT THEM, THEY WILL SEE TO IT, THAT YOU WIND UP IN COURT FIGHTING THEM!  Oh one more not on the LOUIS CARSONE HOUSEHOLD:  They have a miniature horse, a great dane, and we're lucky if we see that animal out side of the house 2 or 3 times a week, and we never see them walking the "pony", LOUIS said there is a city ordinance that says you MUST WALK YOUR DOG ONCE A DAY.....SOUNDS LIKE NEGLECT TO ME, MAYBE SOMEONE SHOULD CALL THE COPS ON HIM!!!!! Oh I forgot, he his a Hubbard cop, so he can do anything he pleases!


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