Golden Opportunity for Y-town


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Here's a chance to turn Michael Phelps' phenomenal performance in China into pure GOLD here in Youngstown.

Gather Mayor Williams, city officials, local sports figures, and area dignitaries together and have them stand at the corner of Federal Street and Phelps Street. Tie ribbons and balloons all over the street sign and display a gigantic banner that reads:


 They can all point at the street sign and give a thumbs-up! Heck, they even wear swimmer goggles, huge flippers, and form fitting Speedo's to accentuate the occasion. Flooding the street with a few feet of water wouldn't hurt either.

I highly doubt Mr. Phelps would be aware that Phelps Street is older than dirt. But he and all his support people will feel compelled to reciprocate the honor by visiting Youngstown, thus generating oodles and oodles of publicity and subsequent revenue enhancement. We all know how guilt and a sense of indebtedness can be powerful tools if used properly.

It's just a thought. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 


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