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What Dem chair did not say about Hanni

The chairman was ho-hum about the candidacy

Are Valley Dems paying attention?

Hillary Clinton's approval rating is higher than Barack Obama's.

Will area Democrats show up?

The November 2010 election casts a shadow over Tuesday election.

GOP playing with fire

Republicans need to get work with Democrats and independent organizations on a new congressional district map.

SoS Husted blasted for Betras rejection

A long-time Republican says Secretary of State Jon Husted is wrong

Mayor Sammarone’s absence noteworthy

Youngstown's mayor believes SB 5 should be revisited.

What will Betras bring to the table?

Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman David Betras will be joining the board of elections.

What Dem Party chief should tell Obama

President faces an uphill battle

Obama courts GOP despite snub

Does the president have the fight in him?

Will Democrats show up in November?

Last November, Democrats sat on their hands.