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Steubenville back in the spotlight

Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum will spend primary election night in Steubenville.

Sammarone isn’t giving Macejko a pass

The Youngstown city prosecutor is the target of an independent investigation.

Why did Ohio AG DeWine switch?

Mike DeWine had originally endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Do you have a question for Gains, Macejko?

WFMJ-TV Channel 21 is hosting a debate on Feb. 22 for the Mahoning County prosecutor's race.

Bring Bill Clinton to Valley

Local Democrats, like Democrats around the country, are in danger of sleeping through the general election.

S.C. GOPers embrace hypocrisy

Mitt Romney's drive for the Republican nomination for president hit a roadblock.

A lesser of two evils?

Rick Santorum was endorsed by the GOP's Christian evangelicals.

Romney, Mahoning Dems on same page

Prosecutor Paul Gains and Engineer Richard Marsico were not endorsed by the Mahoning County Democratic Party faithful.

Should Dems endorse in commissioner’s race?

Mahoning County Commissioner John McNally isn't seeking re-election.

Obama should run scared

An Associated Press-GfK poll shows that a majority of adults say President Barack Obama does not deserve a second term.