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Do you have a question for Gains, Macejko?

By Bertram de Souza (Contact)

Published February 8, 2012

The hottest race this primary season in the Mahoning Valley is for the Democratic Party nomination for Mahoning County prosecutor. Incumbent Paul Gains, who is seeking a fifth four-year term, is facing tough competition from Youngstown city Prosecutor Jay Macejko.

Macejko has already scored one against Gains: In the contest for the Democratic Party nomination. That has only hardened the incumbent’s resolve not to give up without a fight.

The election is getting intense and nasty. It is tailor-made for a live television debate, which is what WFMJ-TV Channel 21 has scheduled. The debate, from WFMJ’s studios in downtown Youngstown, will be aired at 7 p.m. Feb. 22. And while there will be a panel of journalists posing questions, the television station is also seeking questions from county residents.

They can be posted on the station’s Facebook page, can be e-mailed to news@wfmj.com, or via Twitter using the hashtag 21 debate. The station will screen the questions and select those deemed most appropriate.

Details about the debate can be found on Channel 21’s website. Just click on “I saw it on 21 news.”

The clash of the prosecutors will also be streamed on wfmj.com.

Although Macejko worked for Gains as an assistant prosecutor, there is no love lost between them today. That makes the election even more interesting. There won’t be any verbal bouquets exchanged on Feb. 22.


1Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Gains is backed by all the people he employs--what a BIGGER FARCE! So what if a judge likes Macejko?

And "jew judge"? Typical bigot.


The Democrats endorsed Macejko because it's time to move on in Mahoning County and everyone knows it. Wellington stepped aside. Marsico stepped aside. And Gains' support is gone--Macejko did not just win the Democrat endorsement--he OVERWHELMINGLY won the endorsement (something like 90% Macejko to 10% Gains).


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2Caliber380(43 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

It's sad to think that you support Macejko, he is a racist bigot that is hiding behind sealed files.
He cost the city $160.000 in the Basil Ally case. And there is another lawsuit filed against the city- Racial discrimination by Macejko. Do you really want a Bigot as prosecutor?
Gains does not make up his own rules, He follows what the law is! Macejko will pick and choose who he likes and will discriminate those he does not like.

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32muchtax(897 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Vote gains, the democratic party run by the ambulance chaser has screwed the area long enough!

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4mrblue(1175 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I think Betras is a joke. I really don't like Gains, and lately, I am having doubts about Macejko. I am trying to figure out who is the lesser of two evils. Maybe the debate will help.

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5dennycrain(22 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Bman! I am a Mahoning County Democratic Precinct committeeman and I voted at the endorsement meeting for Paul gains! Gains got 122 votes.....48%! macejko got 132 votes......52% Had the voters KNOWN about macejko's RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION settlement costing the city $160,000 (one hundred and sixty THOUSAND dollars) and the CURRENT LAWSUIT (2011CV1291) alleging RACE GENDER and DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION by macejko against a secretary in his OWN office who refused to LIE for macejko in the fed case, I would hope the voters would have voted differently! A motion as been filed to UNSEAL the fed case so the public can hear the DISCRIMINATORY tapes and read the DISCRIMINATORY texts! If that happens before March 6th, macejko will be toast! It is unacceptable to validate and condone DISCRIMINATION and electing macejko to county prosecutor would be an insult to the citizens of Mahoning County and condoning and validating macejko's DISCRIMINATION I am Rick Berger and I do NOT hide behind an alias! "Make a Difference" Semper Fi!

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6mishmash(333 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

The GAINS GANG must GO !

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7mishmash(333 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Shows you the mentality of Berger:

his "alias" is Denny Crane.

Gains 108 votes 42+%

Macejko 148 votes 57+%

which is why the Dem Party agrees that after 15+ years.

The GAINS GANG must GO !

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8Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago


On a separate thread, you are chatising the assistant athletic director at YSU because of the halftime acitivities at a women's basketball game, so clearly you are out-of-touch with reality. Also, your eerie obsession with (1) Jay Macejko and (2) the random use of CAPS on your computer confirms my suspicions about your disorder!

The only person on Vindy.com who continually chastises Jay as a bigot is you, sir. Jay is the only real prosecutor who is in this election and everyone in Mahoning county knows this. Jay tried terminating an under-performing employee and had that under-performing employee been Catholic, he'd be out of a job; rather than rewarded by a left-leaning judiciary.

Actually from Gains' hiring record, he has probably negligently hired and negligently retained your services at some level, and that is why you are defaming Macejko ardently. At least you'e consistant; Gains' only supporters (all 11 of them!) are people whose job he controls personally. Regular people want a change and that change is coming.

We were both wrong. From Vindy.com....

"With 254 of 257 central committee members voting, Macejko won 57 percent of the vote to Gains’ nearly 43 percent..."

That's a fourteen point win, and against an incumbant in a room full of precinct committee people who are very politically active, that's a BEATDOWN.


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9Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago


Here is the link to the guility plea submitted by Samuel Crayton...


So, noooooo..."Paul Gains ensured that this thug was tried properly." That never happened. Crayton pled guilty. Gains did nothing to facilitate that except present what evidence YPD provided them. I misspoke again, an assistant prosecutor presented whatever evidence YPD provided; Gains doesn't go into the courtroom.

"...Jay Macejko initially wanted to charge the assailant with a MISDEMEANOR!...I made numerous phone calls to his office seeking to speak with him to protest his "decision"....the calls were not returned..."

Nice try tho....three witnesses, brass knuckles, and a victim with broken face bones???? C'mon man, even a non-sober Gains would (hopefully) recognize that this meets the elements of felonious assault!!! I'm sure you called tho! lolol


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10Caliber380(43 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Bman, you need to check the court records, He was first charged with a misdemeanor. Please understand that how and what basil did on his lunch time was his business, it was all agreed upon then Macejko decided to change his mind, what occurred after is all the discrimination.. It was the way that Macejko and fellow employees treated him that became the issue. Are you aware that there is another lawsuit against the city that has macejko written on it also?
Gains is a lot cleaner than Macejko, if he does this to a Muslim employee and a black woman in the offices, just imagine how he would treat others.... the county can't afford to pay for all his mistakes, he already cost the city $160,000

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11Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Gains is a non-sober bully that needs replaced.

Gains supporters are now on Vindy.com portraying Paul Gains like he is Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi and Gains is far from that. Actually it's an affront to any type of tolerance or woman's movement to even imply Gains cares about anyone other than himself.

And Macejko is far from the negative boolcrep spread on this message board. Again, if this employee was Chrsitian and attempted to exercise the same "rights" to religious expression, the lawsuit gets thrown out of court.

Tolerant and accepting? Wasn't Jay Macejko appointed City Prosecutor by Youngstown's first African American Mayor? Obviously, Mayor Williams believed Macejko was unbiased enough to represent ALL the people of Youngstown, regardless of color or creed!

Macejko is a young, talented lawyer who actually tries to make this city and county a better place, and for these political-hacks attack him out of fear, is just wrong.

However, this is a political race and this lawsuit is a fair issue to be raised.

Just as:

Macejko's ample courtroom experience is fair political issue;

Macejko being endorsed by the Mahoning County Democrat party, nearly EVERY SINGLE MAHONING COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT, and most of the local labor unions are fair issues;

Gains' drinking habits are a fair political issue;

and, the extent of Gains' association with the consultant firm that employs Leo Jennings is a fair political issue.

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12Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Aren't all Precinct Committee people supposed to rally around the endorsed candidate for an office?

Therefore, if dennycraig really is a committee member, would he not be obliged to support Macejko? If not, what's the purpose for endorsement? So, more lies from Gains-supporters.

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13Caliber380(43 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Gains has used Rubenstein for all his campaigns.. Non issue, - Your claim of drinking, Non issue. Endorsements, Gains has not had the MCDP endorsements anyway.. Non issue. Denny Craig, knows right from wrong and Macejko being a Racist Bigot- BIG ISSUE.
These files being sealed are proof that he is trying to hide the fact that he screwed up. Have a great day.

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14Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

"...Gains has used Rubenstein for all his campaigns"...hey, Leo has great success with lawyers such as Mark Dann and Paul Gains.

"...Your claim of drinking..." How about every person who has been at Anthony's on the River, the Youngstown Club, or any other Downtown venue when Paul sits down for a few? BIG ISSUE!

"...Denny Craig, knows right from wrong..." This is a man who complains about halftime shows at YSU women's basketball games! Does Denny (or Rick) go to women's basketball games specifically to be entertained at halftime? Yet, he called for the termination of the assistant athletic director who scheduled these shows. Oh man, denny shows great judgement.

"...These files being sealed are proof that he is trying to hide the fact that he screwed up..." Only a Federal judge could seal these files. So are you implying that to help Macejko, a Federal judge issued this order?

"..Have a great day.." Thanks, you too. That was the best thought you shared in that entire post!

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15snydro0108(61 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

What's great about this country is we are only given two choices in politics. What happens if we don't like either of these incompetent candidates? Same thing applies for the presidential candidates....what if we don't like either candidate? Politics need to change. Give us more than one or two choices. Gains and Macejko are both bad candidates, if you ask me....but we can't change that.

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16Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

snydro0108, I agree with some of what you said and your feelings are on point about needing more choices in candidates. The problem lay in the fact that because of the cut-throat nature of politics, it is hard to find candidates who are willing to put themselves, their families, and everyone around them through the debacle of a political campaign.

Finding good candidates is not hard--there are many solid, capable people in Mahoning county who would do great at most of the political offices. Finding the perfect candidate is impossible because perfect candidates do not exist. No matter who a candidate is the media, political opponents, and political messages board (such as this one!) will dissect a candidates life to make a saint look like a sinner. Each side will attempt to portray the other as unfit when in reality, both are probably acceptable candidates.

Personally, I like change and wholeheartedly favor term limitations because as a candidate occupies an office more and more and more people begin to rely on that particular candidate for their livelihoods which if the candidates continues to win, translates into less and less productivity and more political loyalty....and that is what Macejko v. Gains means to me.

Gains has been around for so long that the county prosecutors have become lazy and reliant on the political-prosecutor and have completely disregarded the professional-prosecutor. That is why all the vitriol is being spewed on Vindy.com about Macejko. These are ardent Gains-folks, who have their careers tied to Gains' political success and not to their professions.

For proof of how these Gains' legions attack a decent man running for office, Macejko is being attacked as a "religious bigot" for that lawsuit fiasco regarding an employee Macejko tried to terminate. This is complete and utter politics. If I didn't like Macejko, I would find tremendous humor in calling someone a religious bigot. It's like a throwback to the "Anti-Catholic" movements of the nineteenth century....Has anyone ever met a religious bigot? I haven't.

Honestly, I don't know anyone who would discriminate, harass, or mistreat an individual on the basis of a religious affiliation. That just sounds ludicrous. But all of a sudden via the electoral process, opposition supporters label Macejko a religious bigot! lol...see how stupid this all sounds now? The only reason people on Vindy.com are pretrending to care about Macejko's lack of religious tolerance (lol that's even funny to type) is because Macejko threatens the status quo of a regime who has been in power way, way too long.

For these reasons, I support term limits for any office, and I always vote for a qualified opponent of an incumbant office holder. Change in political office is ALWAYS A GOOD THING! And in '12 Macejko is my vote for change...........


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17Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago


snydro0108, you only have two choices in this race and if your tired of "same'old same'old" bs, then vote for Macejko. If in four years you're not satisfied, vote for whomever runs against him because I will too! But regardless, VOTE on 3/6/12!

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18FUDGE16(2 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Youngstown, If you have had enough, agree with snydro0108,TIME FOR CHANGE!! Then vote Macejko! He will bring change to this Valley for the good!!

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19Caliber380(43 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

1.Quote Bman..“Honestly, I don't know anyone who would discriminate, harass, or mistreat an individual on the basis of a religious affiliation. That just sounds ludicrous”

Are you serious??? Basil Ally sued based on RELIGIOUS Discrimination! And he Won! That’s a written fact! You must have blinders on.

2.Quote Bman..” For proof of how these Gains' legions attack a decent man running for office,”
You need to look back on the campaign a bit, Macejko attacked Gains by saying he would arrive at the office Sober! And that’s not his only attack. Another documented fact! I have yet to see Gains himself attack Macejko personally.

3.Quote Bman..” Gains has been around for so long that the county prosecutors have become lazy and reliant on the political-prosecutor and have completely disregarded the professional-prosecutor”

The Democratic Chairman, David Betras posting in a conversation on the Endorsement said.. and I quote since is has been posted online….”.In the course of the back-and-forth Mr. Betras says Paul "...ignored the politics of Office." He's exactly right, Paul Gains has always put protecting the people of Mahoning County ahead of politics.”

So Mr Bman, lets see your accusations backed up with written proof!

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20Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

1. "...Basil Ally sued based on RELIGIOUS Discrimination! And he Won! That’s a written fact! You must have blinders on..." Macejko tried to fire Ally because of poor performance, and yes, Ally sued because he was getting terminated and needed to save his job. This does not mean Macejko did anything even close to religious discrimination. This is an insurance carrier representing Youngstown deciding to pay Ally prior to paying high-priced lawyers twice as much to beat Ally in court. Just because a lawsuit was "settled" doesn't mean someone did something wrong; most of the time it means that it's too costly to fight it. Good job Ally, I hope being a Catholic saves my job one day!

2. Macejko is decent man and everyone in the Youngstown community knows it; just as everyone is aware of Gains' excessive social life. SORRY!

3. You just repeated my statement, so thanks!

4. Regarding Betras, he endorsed Macejko!

There is no written proof to any of this mess; it is all politics. However, supporting a non-incumbant I am assured that all Gains' supporters on here are lawyers who should be working right now and not typing trash on Vindy!

BTW, how about Gains indicting all his political opponents after the '08 election? How are those cases going? lol

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21Caliber380(43 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

You can't back up your statements with any proof Bman. It's obvious you have no credibility. I'm starting to think that you are Jay himself LOL

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22Peregrine(47 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Instead of calling one another names and being dismissive of the other's opinion, would one of you advocates review what high profile cases were prosecuted by each office, how long did it take to get to trial and how many of those cases resulted in a conviction.

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23dennycrain(22 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

mishmash! EVERY post I place on here.....I put my REAL NAME.....Rick Berger! I don't hide! Why doesn't everyone use their real names? If U have the gall to put something on here have the backbone to stand up for what U believe! It really is that easy!

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24dennycrain(22 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

bman! Rick Berger here! How am I out of touch with reality regarding the atrocious halftimes at YSU bball games? As for my "obsession" with the FEDERALLY DOCUMENTED RACIST BIGOT jay macejko.......do u condone racism and bigotry? I DON'T! And now that Judge Boyko has UNSEALED Mr. Basil Ally's fed case and the texts and tapes will be made public after Feb 22, macejko is toast! I became cognizant of one text between macejko and hartup and when that becomes public.......Mayor Sammarone will be FIRING macejko! As for my usage of CAPS, u don't like it, don't read it! It really is that simple! I am having a great day! hahahahahahlolololol!!!!

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25dennycrain(22 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

bman! Rick Berger here! Ur wrong on ur most recent post! Mr. Basil Ally made a complaint to the Ohio Civil Rights commission on January 16, 2008. They investigated the complaint and found "do cause" and suggested to the city of Youngstown to remove him from a hostile work environment and place Mr. Ally on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. The lawsuit was settled the night before the case was to go to trial. This was done to keep all the tapes and texts under seal so that the public would not hear them and read them and to assist macejko in his pursuit of the county prosecutor's job! There is WRITTEN proof and I will be getting a copy of said proof from the Senior Assistant Attorney General of the state of Ohio, Mr. Oppenheimer! Here's his phone # in case u would like to confirm what I have just typed here (216-787-3480)! macejko is most definitely NOT a decent man! When I get the ok, I will post on here the text between macejko and hartup and if u are not a sheet and hood wearing individual, u might possibly reassess ur opinion of macejko being a decent man! betras sent letters to all the precinct committee people explaining the endrosement meeting and emphatically stated that he was not backing any candidates! We all knew that was a LIE! lololhahahah! macejko wanted to terminate Mr. Ally because he was a MUSLIM! PERIOD! Are u aware of a current lawsuit (2011CV1291) against the city because of macejko's alleged actions of RACE GENDER and DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION against a secretary in his OWN office because she refused to LIE for macejko in Mr. Ally's lawsuit? Check it out, would love to hear u spin that one away!!

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26dennycrain(22 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

bman! Accidentally saw ur post questioning my being a Dem precinct committeeman! Call betras (1-800-704-6070...he hates me....he'll confirm it)! As for rallying around the "endorsed candidate!" I REFUSE to support a RACIST BIGOT! And betras does not tell me what to do! And, as of this moment, 12:47 AM, February 15, 2012) I have NEVER had a conversation or shaken Paul Gains' hand! For me, it is all about preventing a loathesome bottom feeding sheet and hood wearing bigot from becoming the next Mahoning County prosecutor! After macejko loses March 6th, I am going to get him FIRED as the city prosecutor! u have abso.....LUDT.....ly no idea the demeaning extent of that text between macejko and hartup but after Feb 22nd ur going to know!! hahahahahlolololol!!!! The only Black person to vote for macejko after that will be jaladah aslam! If u want to bet on that, NAME THE WAGER!!! hahahalololol!!!!

Suggest removal:

27Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Dennycraig, you obviously have issues.lol But again, there is no Rick Berger on the committee list (I'm holding it), and I'm not bothering David Betras over Vindy.com.

You have opined in these massive posts about Macejko and again, all you can come up with is a religious discrimination? lol. WHO RELIGIOUSLY DISCRIMINATES IN THE 21ST CENTURY? Nobody cares about one's religious beliefs!!!!!!!!!

Ally ran to the courts because he was getting fired due to poor performance! To his benefit, Ally does not accept Christ, so a court allowed him to keep his job.

Denny, you spew so much BBSSS against Macejko, YOU may be Gains himself or a made-up "rick."

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28Bman(151 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

And denny, from your posting history it is clear that you joined Vindy to defame and demean Macejko; which, coming from a liar and mental patient, is a good thing! Please, place a "Gains" sign (c.1996) in your yard so your neighbors will know who you support!

Maybe raise a Dann, Traficant, or Philomena sign, which you are probably selling on an "Ebay Business" that you run, and put that sign right next to Gains because THEY ARE ALL ONE-IN-THE-SAME PERSON!

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