Will ‘corporatize’ resonate more than ‘privatize’?


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


After the way the Republican majority in the Ohio House and Republican Gov. John Kasich rolled over Democrats during consideration of the biennium budget, it appears there’s no stopping the GOP juggernaut in the state Senate.

But critics of the budget, which passed the House last week and contains major cuts in spending, seem to think they can gain traction in the Republican controlled Senate by characterizing the spending plan as punishing workers and benefitting businesses.

In an e-mail sent Saturday, the word “corporatize” was used in place of “privatize” pertaining to the governor’s plans for the state’s prisons and the turnpike.

For instance, here’s what was said about leasing liquor sales: “Ohioans like to drink alcohol. Liquor sales {are} very profitable for the state. The House bill calls for leasing liquor distribution operations to a corporation. The money from the lease will be used to fund the already privatized ("corporatized" is a more descriptive term) JobsOhio — the corporate entity created earlier this year meant to replace the public Ohio Department of Development.”

Will the strategy work? Probably not in Columbus, but it may serve to rally public sector workers and their Democratic allies for the referendum vote on the new collective-bargaining bill that strips public employees of many rights.

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