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Received the following e-mail after the Republican majority in the Ohio General Assembly passed the anti-collective bargaining bill, but before Republican Gov. John Kasich signed it into law:

“Let me state, that I am a retired agreement employee. But not one of the many who will be effected by SB5, which Kasich will sign into law. But my daughter-in-law, who is a teacher will be effected. This SB5 just didn't appear overnight. And Hagan was right with his speech to the body, that the [sole] purpose of the bill is to break unions. And it is amazing how fast it came about once the Republicans took control after the past November election. Which brings me to my point. Kasich was elected by a total vote difference of 77,133 votes. Those effected by SB5 total over 350,000. How many of those 350,000 cut their own throats by voting for Kasich? Simple math shows you they did it to themselves. Shame on those who did, for they did it to those who didn't as well.”

And, those union members who voted for Kasich were forewarned through his campaign speeches about his pro-business agenda. The anti-union bill is only the beginning.

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